Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And now Claudia...

Claudia Cadelo was also summoned to another police station, Zapata and C, which is also very well known by this friend of yours...
The cops and the G2 agents are up for a big surprise tomorrow at 2:00 pm. They are going to meet a kind of woman they don't even imagine exists. They deserve it.
They will learn one thing in that meeting: the Cuban youth doesn't fear the tyranny.
They will keep on doing what they do best, which is to denounce the horrific life under the dictatorship of the castros, the only reality they have ever know.
To Claudia, a theme on which I am still working....

(lyrics unfinished)
Somos carne d’estacion
Somos la peste
Somos criminales por Dios
Somos mala gente….

Los comunistas no cuentan no
Solo reciben paga a fin de mes
Beben su ron no en pie no se mantienen
Y sus crias leche no tienen

Somos carne d’estacion
Dice la gente
En la Quinta se pudre el sol
Si no lo quieres

Puta bandera
Falta la luz
No hay vergüenza
Solo calor
No tienes ya ni para el arroz
El agua falta
Y si digo algo
Pues me llevan en la jaula

Y somos carne d’estacion
Aunque se hunda la nacion
No callo, y digo
No callo, y digo
Que este sistema es lo peor
Lo peor
Del mundo entero….

Somos carne d’estacion
La quinta es nuestra casa
Somos carne d’estacion
Pues si lo somos, pues si lo somos…..

Yoani and Reinaldo.

The morning started early, and not in a good way.
I woke up to news that Yoani and Reynaldo were summoned to the infamous police station of 21 and C, Vedado.
I know that place.
Very well.
That's where you are called for all sort of "advice" and pressures. Even sometimes they will try to break you, and to turn you into a snitch. It takes a lot to break some people, others are easily broken.
Yoani and Reinaldo are not that kind. They stand firm and tall, and Theo, their son, knows that.
They will be accused of something vague, most likely of buying or selling items in the black market to try to mask the political nature of the case, as they did with Gorki.
They will be harassed, because the tyranny of Cuba cannot accept that they are dignified human beings that refuse to bend in front of a tyrant. If they had some culture, they would realize that Yoani and Reynaldo do not salute the olive green cap of the tyrant, the same way that Wilhelm Tell did not salute the red cap of a brutal ruler, in the Switzerland of their temporary exile.
To the chagrin of the tyrant, they returned to Cuba. And that's something that the dictatorship is not ready to forgive and forget.
Yoani and Reynaldo do not want the forgiveness of the government. They are standing high for the rights of all Cubans.

Unfortunately, Yoani and Reynaldo, and also Theo, have to be tested this way, for some dubious Thomases to realize of what kind of wood that family is made.

We are ready to rock the world for Yoani and her family, the same we did for Gorki and his.

Please read an update from Penultimos Dias, in Spanish.
Yoani is back home, and online.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good bye

Freedom of speech was assassinated in this country.
And people voted for it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

He was elected....

And now what?

Maybe the ones who vote for him really like that image of the hammer and sickle....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Desprecio al gobierno y sus esbirros.

Claudia, en su blog Octavo Cerco, hace trizas a los vampiros de la chivatería

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a wonderful morning

It's a wonderful morning because I am free, and I do not plan to relinquish my freedom anytime soon. As Geddy Lee sang time ago: my mind is not for rent to any god or government. And much less would it be out for grabs to the government of a fake god.

It's a wonderful feeling to tell Obamunistas in their faces that I disapprove and dislike all that their idol "represents" for them. It's a wonderful feeling not to have to bend your neck in servitude to a guy who arrived where he did through trickery and lies.

It's wonderful, simply wonderful, to be free. And it's even more wonderful to use my freedoms to stand up against what I consider to be a fraud, a Manchurian candidate, and worse, a storefront Marxist.

To all of those who feel cheerful today because they have a perfect unknown (because hey, they don't know him either!) getting a copy of the front door key for the White House and a rent free lease for the next four years, a little reminder: fidel castro is very happy today, and Chavez, and so many other unsavory characters. Not a very good company with whom to cheer up and celebrate.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

if you will....

Feel free to celebrate if you will.
Remember one thing, though. Do not complain, if you voted for that empty suit of a fraud that is B'rak Hussein Obama, when your liberties are curtailed. Look at yourself in the mirror and curse yourself if you did vote for him.
To all who thought independently and didn't go with the flow after a fake Messiah, you're welcome to join the counterrevolution.
We need to take America back, and we better start fighting for it right now.
I am with the majority of Americans who refuse to be fooled by a Marxist wolf under a sheepskin. And while you're at it, do not forget to thank W., the president who enforced the dry foot wet foot, the president under whose rule Marxism flourished in Latin America, and who created a disaster where there was none.
The American voter spoke, and because the system gives more electoral votes to the East and West Coast than to the so called flyover country, the American voter voice is just spoken by just a part of the American people. Millions are asked to submit to the wishes of the citizens of the Blue States -which to be in tune with history should be called the Red States, as in communist countries.
I hope George W. Bush cherish all those letters in which I asked him to become a late night TV comedian. I wonder if he's going to be able to look straight into the eye of John McCain and say "I am sorry". I certainly doubt it.
Now we must preprare for four years of mismanagement, dubious dealings, dishonesty, and corruption. Just like B'rak Hussein Obama's very own political trademark is in Chicagoland.
The counterrevolution starts here.
Join it or get out of the way.
(by the way, I do not recognize the new flag of the United Socialist States of America as anything else than a meaningless rag)