Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back to the action

Well, it seems to be that I am finally able to spring back into action!
First of all, thanks so much to y'all that have been watching the videos and reading all the material in the archives during my absence.
I'll be broadcasting from our new location in Washington DC, and some new stories are in the works. Yes, some of them are going to be about the life in Cuba and of course, about rock'n'roll and rockers.
I also want to use this post to welcome a bunch of readers to this blogs, which always have great comments and ideas. One of them is Songuacassal, who mentioned Pitbull, the Cuban crunkmaster.
Song, I can envision a collaboration of Pitbull with two Cuban bands, Tendencia and Tribal, who play with elements of metal, rock, rap, and AfroCuban music, right up his alley I guess, I wish that one of these days they could get together and I am sure that music is going to be something to be remembered!