Monday, April 30, 2007

Educate thyself

Education is a great treasure, an incredible treasure that goes with us everywhere and that nobody can take from us.
I was a free man in Cuba. Yes. Inside my skull, in my soul, I was free. The tyrant couldn't control what I thought, and even in my darkest day my inner freedom saved me.
In my formative years I read a lot, everything that I could get my hands on. I read all the books favored by my enemy, fidel castro, even when those very same books were forbidden. I knew my enemy, therefore, I could beat him at his own game, I was immune to his propaganda as many other young Cubans. We knew what we were dealing with.
Today, Gorki Aguila is free too, his soul is free and fearless.
But we cannot afford to put him on harms way, as proven with Dr. Biscet, whom was almost put in harms way by people whose intentions were the best and who by no way meant any harm. One needs to be very careful, because a faux pas by any of us could be the difference between being in the "penal exterior" or the "penal interior" for one dissident or one source in Cuba.
As all of the readers from KillCastro know we are working in getting Gorki some questions for a future interview (when conditions allow and common sense and safety permit). We plan to publish the interview in English on KillCastro and in Spanish here at La Oveja Negra.
In the meantime, I encourage you to read Corgi Guy, a very interesting blog, dealing with philosophy, art, and culture from a very interesting perspective. I know y'all will enjoy it.
And now that I got y'all in a reading mood, don't miss Mr T's blog, always sharp and dangerously refreshing.....