Monday, April 9, 2007

Good-bye Mark....

Kiss former axman Mark St. John, 51, kissed the sky this past Thursday after suffering a brain hemorrage.
He was the third official axman for the at that point ex-heavily made up band, in which he was preceded in the post by Vinnie Vincent and Ace Frehley,
St. John's guitar work can be heard in the only album he ever played with Kiss, Animalize, and in the only Kiss video in which he appears the famous Heaven's on Fire, an MTV favorite.
St. John has to abandon guitar playing right after the album was recorded when he was diagnosed with a relatively uncommon form of arthritis, Reiter's desease that made his hands and arms swell to the extent that he couldn't even hold a guitar anymore.
He was replaced by Bruce Kulick, who took over after the first show -the only one played in its enterity by St. John, in the tour to promote the album.
Heaven's on Fire today.....