Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Goodbye, Saville Row (meilleur dit, adieu Saville Row)

This is what happens when a great nation is kidnapped by appeasers who are really good at the art of writing strong notes of protest instead of sporting the cojones of yesteryear and go around the world to let people know that the sheep in the Falklands or Malvinas were indeed sheep owned by Brits.
Today, instead, notes of protest are issued, handshakes exchanged, and the Iranians humiliate Britain and make the captive sailors wear Crosseyed Monkey from Tehran styled suits made of cheap cloth. And no ties, as the tie is perceived by the mullahs as something vain.
Talk about sartorial style. Or is it anti-style?
Shit, even Kim Song Il is more creative...
The worst humiliation came to the head of the only woman of the group, to whom they issued the typical headscarf and some sort of boxy pant suit. I really can't picture Margaret Thatcher allowing anything like this, but hey, now they even have an unwashed commie mayor disgracing the majestic city of London with his presence.
I feel for the British people who by no means, want to be mistaken by the French.
Whatever happened to Britain, the Empress of the Seas?
To top the humiliation, the Cross Eyed Monkey from Tehran says that he "freed" the kidnapped troops to celebrate the birthday of Mohammed and as an Easter gift to the British people. I can hear a lot of appeasers applauding. What a shame.