Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hot Rods

(the studio photo depicts the Holden Efijy, an Australian concept car built in the hot rod tradition)

I was talking this morning with a car nut friend of mine, who was asking me what about those old clunkers and jalopies were chugging up in Havana....
" Well -I told him- forget about restoring them. They are just so totally smashed up with Russian parts and other back-yard made contraptions that restore one of those car will entice a complete ground-up rebuilding of a new car.
I think that hot-rodding is the answer!"
Hot rodding also conveys the spirit of freedom that will be unique to Cuba.
I can picture in my mind clubs of enthusiasts who will cruise around the country in cars which will be a monument to liberty, each one of them.
Which reminds me of the drawings that I used to make in Havana.... I would trace over photographs of old cars and practically design a customization on them with a few lines done in technical pens and markers. One very fantastical idea was the "Spirit of Rock'n'Roll" based on a photo of a Cadillac hearse that was moored on four blocks at the northeastern corner of the cemetery of Colon. I snapped a photograph of it. It came out really bad, out of focus. Then I traced the photo on vellum and designed my own rock-mobile over the carcass of the old Cadillac.
Hot rods and rock'n'roll.... they will be among the most incredible symbols of a free Cuba!