Monday, April 2, 2007

Ink, of every color....

So the kids from Guajiro pass me some good inside information...
Tomorrow, Tuesday April 3rd, at 10 pm, only on your TLC channel you can see watch the new chapter of Miami Ink, "Yoji's Dilemma" which will showcase the debut of Big Deal, the band fronted by Yoji.
"And what's so special 'bout it?" you might ask... Well Doug from Guajiro will be there lending a hand to Yoji to rock down the house.
You watch for me, since I am going to be on the road -as it happens very often lately!
Somehow, I found that this post had been truncated for an unknown reason.
This is the link for the clip. Also gone was the sentence in which I said that I liked the fact that kids from my old neighborhood of Miami Beach were rocking down the house so successfully.