Sunday, April 15, 2007


Via Penultimos Dias, a great new ironic video, "Photoshop", about the duplicity of the life in Cuba. This is part of the saga of Nicanor O'Donnell, remember Monte Rouge and High Tech?
Don't miss a che-cladded character, the lowest possible class of prick that populates the Cuban landscape of today. And how he is dealt with....
The film is a very accurate and comedic portrait of the harsh life of Cubans....
The music is great, penned by Eduardo del Llano who's also the director of the movie and Frank Delgado -who was not a rocker a few years ago. Carlitos Varela sings like no other in this movie too -off camera though.
And don't tell us that we don't give you hints about the real life in the real Cuba!
The video can be downloaded, it's in Spanish, so it would give you an idea of the Habanero inflexions of the parlance of Charlie Bravo & KillCastro.