Monday, April 30, 2007

some people lack the required cojones

And el Gusano points out that some people lack the cojones that are the minimum requirement to live up to one's compromises.
He describes how, in a public act in Miami of all places, the three Republican representatives from South Florida didn't have the guts and balls to ask President Bush to immediately denounce and eliminate the dry-foot wet-foot. I told el Gusano that they don't give a shit about any rafters, any body in Cuba, and that their only concern is to keep their political careers going. Now that I am in DC they will hear from me....
Of course, the poor rafters don't vote.
But many of us do.
And it's our duty to let them know that we notice how their don't use the oportunities (golden oportunity, this time around, Miami Dade Community College student body sports VERY ACCOMPLISHED balseros) to denounce a crime against their own people -or the people they are so fond of calling their own.
Of course, their actions talk to us very differently. They don't give a damn.
Your body gets toasted and crispy under the sun, the sharks circle you, and then the Coast Guard (at the service of the tyranny of kasstro) showers you with high pressure water, shots a few machine gun rounds in your general direction and pepper sprays you, beats you, handcuff you, and throw you on the hot deck of a vessel, all before sending you back to Cuba, and I AM SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING FINE WITH THAT??????
Because some fucking politicians don't act on it?
They don't have the cojones to confront the president.
I do.
My presence in this town will include sending letters periodically to the President about this matter.
I won't write to the politicians because I don't write to traitors to my people.
Let them go and be kissy kissy with the Estefans in a function....
I have no peace and respite until that fucking Clintonian monstrousity is erased from the books.
And just as a reminder, W is the one who having the power to eliminate it has chosen to keep it in the books and to apply it.
What the fuck is he doing for the Cuban people?
Sending them back to the Gulag?
Thanks so fucking much!