Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spy vs. Spy

An animated conversation with my friend el Gusano took me back to the years in which I discovered the great American satyrical magazine, Mad. I was a fan of Spy vs. Spy, a comic series created by a Cuban cartoonist, Antonio Prohias. Another friend, Juan Paxety, found very interesting and entertaining that I enjoyed Mad (vintage issues from the fifties) while listening to Jimi Hendrix.
Now, Spy vs. Spy is a pop culture icon.
One can find several compilations of the comics, from their first incarnations (pre Spy vs. Spy) in the shape of El Hombre Siniestro, La Mujer Siniestra, Tovarich (a Russkie spy during the Cold War, pretty good) and La Dama Gris (who was the love interest of both the White Spy and the Black Spy)
I just sent the link above to el Gusano, who happens to be one hardcore fan of Spy vs. Spy. The link contain animated spots created from the original drawings by Antonio Prohias, now re-engineered as adverts for Mountain Dew.
Download and enjoy, que la vida es corta.