Sunday, May 20, 2007

Biting the hand....

Since this is the place where CB and I come to vent or chat about any sortta shit we feel doesn’t quite fit at KillCastro here comes my rant and this one is directly aimed at BLOGGER!
Yes, it is free, yes they have given us a forum yes , , well… yes yes yes.. I am an ungrateful prick.
But gods damn it who the FUCK came up with this keyword security scheme?
You have to be fucking Kreskin to figure out what the fuck the letters say. It is bad enough that sometimes they throw 8 letters that all look like a J I or L I swear I got this today JLIJAJIL. Was the dot on the I was it on the J .. Well fuck me. No wonder people just give up.
And by the way there may be a civil case here ‘cause this is UTTER discrimination to the elderly and the dyslexic (I do suffer from Dyslexia and going ungracefully through the path towards the second) so I need me a lawyer on this. I am sure I have a case.
At any rate if my bank can show me a picture a give me a choice to identify what’s in the picture from a list of 5 choices :
What’s in the picture?

4 kittens
Set of drums
A bus
A cow

That is a pretty secure way of avoiding bots to get through and you do not need a degree in Egyptian gyrogliphycs to post a god damn comment. So BLOGGER & GOOGLE , FUCK YOU Microsoft wanna be . Get your heads outta your asses drop this LINUX cryptic shit and let mere humans enjoy clicking PUBLISH POST instead of having a thrombosis figuring out your convoluted shit.