Friday, May 25, 2007

El hebreo

My family had friends of every race, religion, social conditions, and walks of life, way before mr. kasstro did away with Cuban society, rendering it into a social wasteland.
One of those friends was a very wise Jewish man, whom I remember only as el hebreo Chaim. This man had a piercing spark in his good eye, a blueish spark not unlikely a gas flame. The other eye had been killed in his native Germany by a blow to his face given to him by a drunken Nazi thug. The eye was kind of milky, and I am reminded of it everyday when I look at my cat, whose eyes are similar to Chaim's.
I liked to talk to him, and I felt sometimes that the connection between us went beyond the distant past and the distant lands of his youth.
And one day he told me the story of the dove, that white dove who landed on kasstro's shoulder in a very well engineered propaganda show, on the onset of his so called revolution. Chaim was very outspoken, and whenever he saw kasstro on TV he muttered "Adolph, Adolph", which required no explaination....
He was the one who told me, when I was about nine years old, that "la historia me absolvera" was a phrase uttered by Hitler, and that the Putsch of Munich was similar to the Moncada attack in many levels.
He hated kasstro, because kasstro robbed him of the nation that received him and whatever little was left from his family.
He told me that when he saw the swarm of white doves with the wings fluttering around kasstro he knew that one dove will land on his shoulder, shitting on it, as the same stunt was pulled by Hitler on his day.
The Russians had done something similar, when Stalin erected himself the as the "father and saviour" of Russia.
Chaim knew that what has descended upon Cuba was the most monstrous bastard child of a one night stand between Fascism and Communism....
He passed away when I was fourteen. His wife called my house, she didn't cry. She has lost the ability to cry in Germany. She has something that Chaim had left for me: his anticommunist books, which were for years the only prized possesion I had.
Sadly, I took the books home.
A few days later, Chaim's widow received permission to emigrate to Israel or the States, I don't know. She went to the Jewish Cemetery of Guanabacoa, and died while laying on top of Chaim's tomb. She didn't want to live or leave without him.
And that's my story about that white dove landing on kasstro's shoulder, it was a signal that people ignored....