Thursday, May 17, 2007

Homework for Gorki

Can you please help us copying and pasting this letter to everybody you know? Please send it to your favorite and your least favorite newspapers, your church or temple, whoever you can think of, all civic organizations that you know about, every place you think is a useful vehicle to transmit this information. Blogs included!
Thanks, in our name and specially, in the name of Gorki's family and specially his little daughter.

To the press,
To the music and entertainment industry, in a wide cross-section.
To the government officials,
To the religious leaders of all denominations,
To the anti-repression and pro-freedom organizations of this world, and to the public at large:

Gorki Aguila Carrasco, leader of the punk band Porno Para Ricardo was jailed last night following a progrom like "repudiation meeting" in Havana, Cuba.
His only sin was to speak against a government he feels is wrong, as many of us do here in the States and worldwide without any fear or consequences.
The difference is that this young musician lives in Cuba, where liberty is a luxury which is verbotten to the people.
The government of Fidel and Raul Castro suppresses artistic expression in Cuba, as part as the suppression of all human rights, which we have for granted in this country and the free world. That communist junta is not part of the civilized discourse of politics in today's world. They fear and artist, they jail him. They fear a man, they silence him.
Gorki is a free man inside his head, he's free in his soul, but he's a physical prisoner and a hostage of the Cuban government.
His house was mobbed last night, he was beaten and taken away by the police and plain clothes agents. His family was terrorized, and they had to witness how he was taken away, brutally.
There was no order of detention. Just a fascist mob going amok on him, and just a fascist police unit ready to arrest him under the charges of "peligrosidad, propaganda enemiga, y desacato a la figura del comandante en jefe", which are the neo-speak terms used in Cuba to describe somebody who opposes the philosophy of the tyranny, just because he gave a radio interview to NotiUno, from San Juan Puerto Rico.

Please, help us free Gorki.
Rise your voice, so a an artist rendered voiceless by a tyranny can have his voice back.
We don't need a martyr, we don't need a jailed man, we need freedom for the people of Cuba. Gorki symbolizes today the repressed Cuban youth, and his suffering is the suffering of a whole nation. At this point, we have no news of what might have happened to the rest of the members of his band, and we are very concerned about them too.
Please act, and help him recover his freedom.

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