Sunday, May 13, 2007

Interview with the punkster by

Well, we finally had the opportunnity to talk to Gorki, and he said hi to all the readers of the Black Sheep of Exile, to whom he promised that he's gonna keep on rocking the tyranny into oblivion. We have more in our big brother blog, KillCastro, but we wanted to thank Gorki also on this blog.... And also Fantomas, who was instrumental in making the connection live.
Gorki spoke of the life in Cuba, in a way that made me remember all what happened in my own life in Cuba in a very vivid way.
It was as if we had lived the same life.... and then it hit me as a ton of bricks through the windshield, yes, damn, we lived the same life of repression, pain, self impossed interior exile, and of not being silent zombies.
He reminded me of my old self, and how I was constantly cornered and poked and how I one day decided to break away with all and risk my life to get out of that communist hell hole.
Oh well, I think that many people will be speaking of this interview with the punkster a whole lot during the next few days.
Gorki, todo lo que podamos hacer para ayudarte a difundir tu musica sera hecho. Y como te dije, tienes espacio en estos dos blogs para difundir tu trabajo y tus ideas.
Un abrazo!
Porno Para Ricardo's CDs can (and shall!) be bought at Cuba Underground and Porno Para Ricardo