Friday, May 25, 2007

La cola

(disclaimer, I will comment on an article appeared on another blog, which was e-mailed to me by a friend in Spain)

The realities of the life in Cuba.... are such that one would not even think they are real. Or one could talk about the surreal life in Cuba.

Let's talk about a line of people. Una cola. Yes, let's talk about people waiting in line, outside the Spanish Embassy -actually outside the consular section of the Spanish Embassy- in Havana. What are they doing out there, under sun or rain?
They wait, long hours, to present the paperwork that demonstrate that they are the legal spouse of a Spaniard, or that they are the children and grandchildren of at least one Spaniard. And they obtain the Spanish citizenship papers that allow to pass the citizenship to their own children, even adopted children.

Of course, there's a problem. One has to prove that one's ancestors were born in Spain, and during the civil war many church registries were burnt by the commies, and the proof of birth and baptism was there. So now there are many enterprising Cubans in Spain who specialize in doing this kind of research for the person who needs it.

This is not news, this has been happening for a few years already.

Obtaining Spanish citizenship grants people a few things, one for example is that they can get hired directly by a Spanish enterprise in Cuba, and make some decent money, without the intervention of the Cuban government. Catch, you have to compete with every other Spaniard with the right qualifications for the job, as it should be. It actually qualifies the person to win a labor contract in Spain, and leave Cuba, which is also very good, since kasstro has no power to get a penny of it.

Or two, that you can quietly leave Cuba on your own penny, and return as you please, if you put together the money for a plane ticket out.

Children born after their parents acquire Spanish citizenship are born Spaniards.

For Cubans, that's a blessing. Es por eso que hacen la cola.

That's why Cubans in Cuba do not hate Spain, they know that the government of Spain is not eternal like the government in Cuba that will only go away with an act of God apparently, they know that by voting against the current government of Spain they will help in taking them down.... but wait, they have to be Spanish citizens to vote! and some of them are.....