Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A long weekend....

After a long weekend of speed, music, and barbeques, I could not do less than visit the War Memorials at night in Washington DC. Contemplating those memorials, and reading the carved names in the Viet Nam Wall or seeing a ghost platoon in the Korea War Memorial, experiencing the grandeur of the antifascist effort with the World War II memorial and discovering the simple temple devoted to the soldiers who fought in World War I, simply get you to reevaluate your positional bearings.

The Korean War monument has a phrase, a reminder, that reads: Freedom is not free. Hell, it's not!

I couldn't help but thinking if one day we will have a Cuban version of the Memorial Day to thank the victims of castroism for their sacrifice. I hope (and wish) we are that sharp and clever. We certainly need not to institute the "day of this or the month of that" since we are going to be dealing with a nation in deep need of reconstruction, and we don't one to become one of those countries where nothing gets done since all is party and pachanga. We simply cannot afford that, we have a country that needs to be rebuilt at a frantic speed. By the same token we will need to return to our traditions and have holidays that reflect them, bringing them back to live, but we certainly need a Remembrance Day, or Memorial Day to honor all of those who will never know a free Cuba.

During this weekend, the website of Porno Para Ricardo was updated with a new-old album for sale "Rock para las masas.... carnicas" and a ton of new photographs of the band. They were very gracious in offering us through their website administrator to give us any photo we liked for our blogs, but we prefer to redirect the traffic to their site, and besides, all the new material is very good!

Rock para las masas carnicas..... what the hell is masa carnica? Rock para las masas, well, that concept is understood.... but masa carnica is the castroite malfaissance that involves mixing soy, colorant, and a few unknown substances and some potentially toxic element in what's known as "picadillo de soya". That explains that three dishes in Cuba are in the verge of extinction: el picadillo a la Habanera (which is the only picadillo that merits culinary heaven) the burger (yes, Cubans love a good burger) and la frita Habanera (which was born around the Stadium, as a creole response to the American burger)

Since I am a leon, or Habanero, even though the Palestinos call leones those men who work the garbage trucks to offend us, I took on the Stadium tradition and took a few Merkin friends (American friends) in a trip that involved Cuban rock, mojitos -my way, anyway, or the highway!- fritas, burgers (for anatomical comparison between the two) and picadillo a la Habanera. Let's call the trip the Education of John, who surprised me twice with an Industriales shirt he was wearing, and bringing Hatuey and Cristal vintage (albeit empty) bottle beers (where the hell did you get them John?)

And talking about surprises, the day -or the night- had a great highlight.
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