Saturday, May 19, 2007

Meeting de repudio

"Mitin de repudio", that was a common phrase in Havana in 1980.
Act 1
Yunouju was there, and some of you know that Yunouju was in the middle of the violence of a meeting de repudio, as you well guessed, directed against Yunouju.
Well, let's say that an old lady whose son had already left was being pummeled by a horde of communist fanatics and Yunouju came out and intervened, and he was pummeled, dragged, his clothing was thorn from his body, kicked, punched, his skin pierced with a metal spike from a fence, covered in rotten eggs, and stomped over.
Yunouju was dumped in front of his house, like a bloody pulp, and he was picked up shorty thereafter by a police cruiser.
Let's say that the leader of the meeting the repudio was a former Batistiano, who has become more fidelista than fidel, more communist than Marx and Lenin and more hijo de puta than himself, a fucking Palestino.
He had his sights on you know who, because he knew that his family was anti-Batista, and then anti-fidel, so he discharged his double hatred on Yunouju.... then Yunouju was falsely accused of inciting conterrevolutionary violence, and fined. Miraculously he was not jailed. The friends of Yunouju covered him in school, lying by saying that he was in the hospital sick, so he wouldn't be expelled from school.
Act 2
And one day, Mr. Batistiano Palestino paid for it all, he peed on his pants and defecated on himself. He ended up in the trash, ceremoniously dunked inside a garbage dumpster, with the neighbors cheering.
He came out of there trembling, and the neighborhood children started throwing rocks at him at the screams of "chivato, chivaton, maricon, mariconson". He limped to his house, and he never, ever, dared to denounce or abuse another gusano in the neighborhood.
Act 3
One day, he died sitting on a bench, in a neighboring park. He died a drunkard, broke, and in fear.
I don't think anybody cried for him, unless you want to count the ones who cried in joy for the death of el chivaton.