Monday, May 14, 2007

The Miami Herald notices Gorki.....

Finally, the Miami Herald notices Gorki and Porno Para Ricardo.

Gorki tells them that nothing's changed in Cuba since the Tyrannosaurius Rex ceded power to the Queen of Mean a few months ago, he coincides with the evaluation of KillCastro and Charlie Bravo about the situation in Cuba:
"Tyranny is present . . . even if "he" doesn't make a public appearance"
In spite of all what he has gone through Gorki says he will not leave Cuba, and hopes for a peaceful transition to democracy, an in another coincidence with what we have said in our blogs:
"Change will come when the "man" dies and Number Two [raúl] retires gradually, to allow the installation of state capitalism". Interesting enough, that's the scenario that we have gotten from many people in Cuba, specially from professionals with a plan for the reconstruction of the country in both the spheres of economics and the productive infrastructure.

As El Gusano puts it, it's Gorki-mania in the land of the Eclectic Revolution.