Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sí, España

Many of you have noticed that we at KillCastro and The Black Sheep defend Spain, quite fiercely.
The motive is one and clear: Spain is not the enemy, and much less the Spanish people. The enemy is fidel castro, and whoever is his enabler from whatever nationality, be it a Cuban, a Spaniard, an American, or Zulu. We make no differences in what regards to enemies of the Cuban people, but we do not come close to paint a whole population the color brown just because we hate their government.
That'd be tantamount to say that all the Germans were Nazis. Or that all the French are cowards, or that all the Americans are indiferent to the struggle, plea, and pains of the Cuban people. Or that all Spaniards, Germans, Italians, Brits, and Canadians are sex predators who go to Cuba to prey on young girls and defenseless children, or all Americans, if one judge the whole nation by the fat old American men at Marina Hemingway just west of Havana.
With Spain, in particular, we have another relationship: read the Spanish newspapers and you will find the strongest words of condemnation to the tyranny of the kasstros. They aired all the affair of Dr. Sabrido going on private visits to try to heal kasstro. They have denounced many abuses, they have open their pages to Cuban dissidents and exiled writers, much more than the American press where poetic waxing is given to the kasstros on a daily basis. We also have a ton of born and bred Spaniars who are dedicated to the fight for a free Cuba.
The Spaniards in Cuba are a wide variety of people, from the humble and blind grandfather of un negro que es mi amigo, to the ETA terror monger who lives in luxury and seclussion in a posh house in Miramar. By the way, being of Spanish ancestry, a child or grand child of Spaniards, ensures you Spanish citizenship and a way out of Cuba. Spain has been doing this quiety for a long time, and this is something for which to be grateful.
In the middle, you have men and women who are trasmitting information, smuggling goods to the dissidents, helping Cubans out of Cuba, and helping them put food on the table. That you have abusers you have abusers, no denial, like you have Cubans who are abusers of Cubans as fidel, raul, the comites, etc, don't forget for a second that they come from the midst of our own people. Traitors, scum, garbage, but from our own, nonetheless.
The beasts who beat a young Charlie Bravo and a young KillCastro to a bloody mess were Cuban goons at the service of the dictatorship, the ones who fire their rifles in the shooting squads are Cubans, too.
So, we have everything everywhere. The most beautiful garden will have plagues and bad weeds, poisonous scorpions, and red ants. Or not?
We have independent movie makers going to Cuba, from both the States and Spain.
From the States you have an asshole like Michael Moore, a dedicated commie like Robert Redford, a racist baiter like Spike Lee, and tools like Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover.
On the Spanish side you have Benito Zambrano, who gave us Habana Blues, Almodovar, who marched against kasstro in Madrid, Javier Bardem, who portraited Reynaldo Arenas (Andy Garcia, where were you? you didn't want to be a maricon on the screen, did you?) we have even Antonio Banderas who is not the sharpest knive in the drawer since he was semisymphatetic to che guevara, but at the same time has blasted kasstro for the abuses against the Cuban people, and that's the side of him I am going to take, call me cynic, call me pragmatic.
Let's talk about music, we have that in this country, the stereotype is that all Cuban music is salsa and that we all dance and play the fucking bongos like a monkey with mal de San Vito. Fuck that. At least the Spanish music houses have gone to Cuba and have discovered the Cuban rock scene, and got the best of it in the soundtrack of Havana Blues, Porno Para Ricardo included. Where were the Estefans? I don't know!
Then you have Alejandro Sanz, who is a dedicated anticastrist.
Or Joan Manuel Serrat, who saw the tyranny first hand and condemned it. Or even the sugary Julio Iglesias, who saw the beast and recognized it.
Call me whatever you want, but I am not condemning Spain, I will condemn the enemies of the Cuban people, name by name, but never a nation at large.