Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cyber attack

Our site KillCastro was the objective of a massive cyber attack.
I have a few words from KillCastro, who manned the forts and the machine gun nests when I was on the road for the day.
This is what he says:

"I have spent all night with our service provider , they have endure a massive DDoS attack
What is a DDoS attack?
DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. A DDoS is carried out by instructing hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of computers to send traffic to a target site or IP address.
These computers are called zombies or bots, and they are mainly normal home or office computers that have been compromised via a trojan horse, worm, virus, etc. Most of the "bot" owners do not even realize their computers are being used, as each bot only sends a small amount of information. The power of the DDoS is many, many machines, each sending a little data.
Since the traffic is coming from thousands of different sources, it is impossible to block it in the way traffic is traditionally blocked, by IP address.
This in their estimation is not just some hacker playing around this is concerted effort to bring down the whole network . Curiously the segment that was attacked was the one hosting and they are worried that since the site can not be brought down by itself someone with a LOT of means decided to bring down the whole network. Because our "unique" domain name I was contacted in an effort to investigate possible attacks directed to us or to investigate any possible threats we may have received.
The bad part of this is that if this attack is traced to be coming from outside the USA , they may have to drop our domain. This attack is costing them millions of dollars.
I have never been one to panick about these things but when they go after a whole ISP you have to start worrying.

I need to spend time monitoring the situation , but I tell you if we ARE the target of this massive attack we are pissing off a LOT of higher ups in Kuba , cause this is not cheap for them either."

As they say in Cuba, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And believe me that we are going to be much more stronger after this!