Friday, June 22, 2007

The real fear

Reading Penultimos Dias guarantees that you take a dip in an ocean of information anytime.
Ernesto mentions an extensive article by Professor Jaime Suchlicki where he ponders on why he is opposed to the lifting of the travel ban in Cuba.
While I agree with most of what he says, he's got this real "jewel" in his article:

" A large influx of American tourists into Cuba would have a dislocating effect on the economies of smaller Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and even Florida, highly dependent on tourism for their well being. Careful planning must take place, lest we create significant hardships and social problems in these countries.

Since tourism would become a two-way affair, with Cubans visiting the United States in great numbers, it is likely that many would stay in the United States as illegal immigrants, complicating another thorny issue in American domestic politics."

So, the real problem is that American tourism going into Cuba will have the effect we have been predicting in several entries on our two blogs. The fear is that Cuba is going to be able to compete in tourism.... and that's a fear that will also exist for a Free Cuba, which will be a much more effective competitor.
What do we do Professor? We keep the status quo of Cuba as is for ever so there's no economic repercussions in these places? That is just a way of saying "fuck the Cubans" in my not so humble opinion. Have the inhabitants of those countries have had any mercy with Cubans or helped them overthrown the dictatorship?
I really don't think so.
The other paragraph denotes a disconnection with reality that knows no boundaries, since he says that "tourism is a two way affair" and goes onto imagining that the tyranny would let Cubans to come to the States and that they would stay here as "illegal immigrants". Just as a reminder, when you flee a tyranny.... well, you're a fucking refugee!
Is his a case of Cubanophobia? No mass migrations! that's what it sounds like.
One can always relay on academics.