Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ciao Michelangelo....

Well, more bad news.
That shadow that passed and created a strange visual on the facade of that building was the soul of Michelangelo Antonioni leaving this "valley of tears" to go somewhere else....
Another one of the sacred monsters of my visual world leaves.
Bergman left, and Antonioni followed him the same day.
I just can imagine visions of heaven in black and white right now.
Blow up was his masterwork that actually steered me to photography.
Today, I am daydreaming of la Cinemateca de Cuba. I can see the entrance, the ticket booth and the movie theatre becoming dark.... Antonioni's opening titles take a life of their own in the wall beyond my computer screen. And I can even hear the voice of Monica Vitti, and see the shadows of Rome around me.
I think that I should fault Antonioni and his muse Monica for falling in love with the Italian language.
I am mad at the 21st century. It's robbing me of all my memories of the 20th century.