Monday, July 30, 2007

Hospital de Dia

Day hospital.
That's an ambulatory facility part of the famed Cuban health care institutional system.
It works like this:
One's work place party honcho or the State Security agent who "minds one" decides that one's so crazy that needs to be institutionalized for a while. Of course, they can declare one to be totally insane, but that'd put a burden in system already overloaded with real nut jobs and assorted basket cases, like people who were never properly treated after their experience in the African wars.
So one's sent straight to the institution (29 and C, close enough to Zapata and C for your favorite SS thug (state security agent) to mind you closely and to be aware of the medication you're given.
After evaluation, one is declared a bit unwell for disliking the revolution, the castros, and for not being willing to put one's talents to the service of the system.
They will administer medication, in the most traditional madhouse style, by giving a bunch of pills to the ambulatory inmates (it has something similar to office hours, one sleeps at home) which are then hidden behind the upper lip, since they would inspect every single "patient" mouth with a tongue depressor. Then you have to drink orange juice -which could be spiked with something. The pills should be spitted before they completely dissolve, or otherwise one would spend the day in a stupor doing some manual work therapy, some sort of origami and receiving the visit of the agent that minds one.
Rebellious youths spend more or less one month there....
Tell me that it's not wonderful to receive free health care, for your mental illness or otherwise.