Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's not easy being green.

Don't ask Kermit the Frog.

Ask Al Gore, who inhabits a mega McMansion that due to its electrical consumption is ripping a whole of its own in the ozone layer. I mean, a hole the size of the State of Tennesee, if one reads that famous electrical bill of his.

Not happy with that, Al Gore goes and ride planes and trains galore, uses tons of paper, gas, electricity. air conditioning, and frying oil to organize the Live Earth concerts with stages scatered all over the world, includig Antartica where some scientists from an international research station will play some music as well. Of the whole bunch of artists, they are the only ones who are not destroying the environment while claiming that they are saving it.

Let's take for example the Brazilian leg of the concerts. The authritiras wanted to block it due to the ecological and security impact of such a large gathering of people on a popular beach. Imagine the debris left behind by a few hundred thousand concert goers. Imagine the amount of planes needed to take the bands, their crews, and their equipment to South America, and think of the logistics of the event and ask yourselves if it is being done according to the green holy scripturesw of Al Gore. If that weren't enough, the production of CDs associated with these shows is the farthest thing from green imaginable. They are done in plastic, encased in plastic, printed wit toxic inks on glossy paper, and transported in a hurry to air conditioned facilities as an enormous ecological cost. One would think that it goes against all the precepts from the Green Earth Church of Tree-Licking Pope Gore.

We could go one by one on the participants of the concerts.

They run around and about the country in huge tour buses. They stay in hotels. They don't bike or stay in teepees, for the sake of the environment. And boy, rock musicians really drink beer, leaving bottles and cans everywhere and trashing hotel rooms. Very envirofriendly, indeed!

What do you tell me about Dave Matthews band? Remember that episode, when they opened a trap from their main tour bus over an open grate bridge in Chicago and drenched the passengers of a tour boat below in the band's human waste? Crap's good for the environment, but believe me, the guys and gals in the receiving end didn't think that it was holy water.

Take a look at the musicians, you have the most dissimile line up ever thought up.
These are people who really have nothing to tell each other musically or artistically speaking get together for a common cause..... really?

Or are they together because they are a bunch of greedy money lovers who live in oversize mansions, fully airconditioned, built in the endangered hills of California (and elsewhere) with non-eco friendy materials, with a collection of multiple gas-guzzlers? I would think that's the only thing all of them have in common!

Oh, Gore and his "collaborators" had to put together the ultimate politically correct concert. The junk-science-meister supreme got a bunch of artists from every color of the politically correct rainbow. He booked even a Muslim.... wait.... the guy's no other than the Romanian born Cat Stevens, who now goes by Yousuf Al-Islam. Meaning, he's not a real Arab or a real Muslim. He's a convert, and therefore his zealotry goes beyond, way beyond, the extra mile. He was a decent pop balladist in the seventies, but let's not push it, he's just a vulgar apologizer for Islamic terrormongers, as the day currency goes. Now he is the trobadour of the (non exiting, never to exist) Caliphate.

White man's burden?
No, vulgar hypocrisy.
In any case, Al Gore needed a Muslim to "legitimize" his "globalist multicultural multireligious" crusade. Too bad that he didn't use the real Arab Muslim musicians Sting used time ago or that Jimi Page and Robert Plant used in their album "No Quarter". Maybe they don't buy into Al's circus of junk-science. Because we all know that it's just glorified babble.
The Earth goes through cycles, but Al doesn't seem to realize it.

In his last interview, this afternoon, he even goes to the extreme of saying that he spent eight years in the White House. I don't remember President Gore. I mean, we only had the attacks of September 11, 2001. If Gore had been president we all would be reading and writing blogs in Arabic. He spent eight years working at an annex by the White House and living in the grounds of the Navy Observatory in Georgetown. Safely away from the presidency. I look at it this way, for as much as I despise Clinton, he was ten thousand times a much better president than Al Gore would have ever been!

C'mon, the Live Earth thing is one of those things that people attend because they share a certain political communion.
But no serious rocker in his right mind would get caught doing the evil horns in such a crappy show.

Oh well.
I think that I better go ahead and post something about Cuban rock.
At least, they cannot be duped into supporting some failed politician whose only merit was to declare himself "the inventor of the internet".

Al, you want to make it really green? So no arena concerts dude.
Make it all downloadable through the internet, at no cost.
That'd be totally green.
But you're green, as in dollar greedy.... Are the energy bills too high in your McMansion, I guess?