Sunday, July 29, 2007

Miss Liberty

The New York Times article are mediocre, as a general thing when they are Cuban-themed, but their graphics and photographs are amazing, most of the time. They came out with the photograph that you can see at KillCastro, of raul bullshiting his new party line over the already famous castro-relief, in some sort of Hitlerian pose.
The photo above is another one of the shots taken in Cuba on July 26, by a New York Time photographer.
Instead of a crowd in Camaguey, the reporter choses to portrait some habaneros rolling an inner tube in front of one of the communist propaganda depictions of Miss Liberty. She looks in awe to these would-be balseros, horrified.
We don't know if the horror is because she knows that they are likely to perish in their flight to freedom, or because the whole damn dry foot wet foot is a betrayal to what she stands for.
The location of the billboard varies, it's portable.
It was standing in front of the American Interests Section in Havana, in the area known as "El Protestodromo" or "La Tribuna Anti-Imperialista", that monstrous engender anti-urban plaza. But I have news for you: there are Cuban urban planners, architects and artists who are redrawing the plans of the city for its reconstruction when liberty rings back in Cuba.
At that time, we are told, the statue of Marti with Elian, which is very grotesque will be confined to a museum of communist monstrousities, and a new civic space will be designed to celebrate the real independence of Cuba.