Friday, July 20, 2007

Save Gorki - Urgent!

We just got a letter from Gorki, he tells us that he was summoned to appear at the Police Station of Zapata and C (a front for the political police) for a supposed interview with an agent of the repressive forces. He was shown an official accusation act written by a representative of the Asociacion Hermanos Saiz (the "cultural arm" of the Communist Youth of Cuba). His declarations against that "organization" were "interpreted" as an incitation to "commit acts of violence in public places".
Of course, this is a total fabrication by agents of the tyranny to try to throw Gorki in jail again.
He concludes that this time around they are trying to intimidate him, and that he fears that this are his last days in freedom.
Plesae feel free to copy and paste this message and pass it around to all your family, friends, and conctacts, the press, your political representatives, people in the music business, everybody!

"Parece que los comunistas estan cerrando el cerco mucho más, el día 18 me han citado a la estacion de Zapata y C para una supuesta entrevista, alli me mostraron una acusacion oficial hecha por la Asociacion Hermanos Saiz, por las ultimas manifestaciones que hice publicamente en contra de ellos, esto segun ellos es un delito de incitacion a la violencia en lugares publicos, es obvio que quieren buscar un pretexto para de nuevo meterme preso, pero esta vez lo estan haciendo de una manera mas intimidatoria, ahora mismo temo por mi libertad..."

Download two tracks courtesy of Gorki and Porno Para Ricardo!

Cuero a los comunistas de la gran escena
Y mucho cuero al agente de la seguridad del estado Yuro