Tuesday, July 10, 2007

some wild shots....

"Snipers are of a very curious mentality, but getting into their minds requires more than a superficial analysis. I will just tell you a few things at random which may prove useful; for example, specific targets are each assigned a value, and each of the sniper's shots must be directed in accordance with the value of each target. The fewer the shots the better, and the efficiency is measured both in confirmed killings and in high value targets captured alive.
Now, you're going to read a scenario that raul kasstro has grown to fear: A sniper wounds a high ranking officer but does not kill him (unless ordered to do so).
Soldiers are sent to assist the wounded official and rescue him dead or alive. Those soldiers are more likely themselves
to be killed, as is the driver of the officer's vehicle. The wounded high-ranking officer is then captured."

These were fragments of a letter I wrote to Mr. T. some time ago. I didn't intent to use it in this post, nor in one that I will write honoring the memory of our friend Tocororo Libre who sadly passed away very untimely.

Taking into account the later efforts by BUCL, organization which we don't have or want to have any connection due to our differences in philosphy and ways of taking action, I think that their last night effort at the Versailles had a positive outcome, since they could approach one of the members the band, lead guitarist Andy Summers and deliver a message in a civil fashion, with none of the markings that other "demonstrations" have had in the past and that have served the tyranny propaganda book while painting the exiles as a bunch of geriatric nuts.

That civil fashion has to be what marks everything that is done for a free Cuba, and that will be the language of a free Cuba. Also, the message goes farther away while correctly conveyed.

We have learnt that they will fly a plane this afternoon with a message to the band too, regarding human rights in Cuba.

I frankly believe that this efforts, coupled with our letter writing campaign, will catch the attention of the members of the band and their management and will produce the outcome we all desire, including the band members of The Police.

They have visited Cuba, on their own in several occasions out of love for Cuban music and of those who created Cuban music, the Cuban people. They have been very respectful and helpful, and they have critiziced the Cuban reality in private with Cuban musicians who have relied that information to us.

We wish they visit Cuba on their own, and that they are able to perform for the Cuban people, to bring them a taste of freedom, which they will one day conquer.

Sting, Steward, Andy, y'all know who to see and where the instruments are. The roof is flat, so rock on that neighborhood with a rooftop concert, the biggest on this side of the Atlantic, mates. There will be only two roof top concerts in rock music history, the Let It Be, and yours.