Friday, August 31, 2007

the politics of the Grammys

Silvio Rodriguez nominated for a Grammy?

Ah, it's all political.
The guy is the "voice of the revolution".....
So the lefties up there in the music business go and unearth this voiceless balding asshole, who is no more and no less a than a decorated CHIVATO in Cuba. Plus, he is a member of the Cuban Kangaroo Rubber Stamp "Parliament".
A great writer of pamphlets, that's what this icon of the left is. He is an accomplice -and a servant- of the tyranny, to put it plainly.

I bet you that all these music honchos have heard of Porno Para Ricardo -who by the way sampled some of Silvio's lyrics, mockingly, that is.... And I can tell you that the rebellious lads are very uncomfortable for them!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Punk temple creator passes away

Hilly Kristal, a farm boy from New Jersey, longed for a Country Blues & Blue Grass venue in the middle of the Bowerey. He opened the CBGB, and soon punk had a temple in his club, where he brought Television, the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, the Patti Smith Group. Moreso, it was the hang out of KillCastro, and many people believe that CB (as my abbreviated moniker goes) was a shortened version of CBGB, which is not....

Hilly passed away yesterday at 75, for complications of lung cancer.
His lengendary club closed on October 2006 (after losing a battle with its landord to lenghten the commercial lease for the space) wih a bing bang concert by Patty Smith. Shortly therafter, the Club was totally dismantled -even the famous toilet so many times photographed - and Hilly said that he would open it up again in Las Vegas.

Our condolences to his family and all the artists and fans that once called the CBGB home.
Wear your old CBGB t-shirt.... and elevate a prayer for HIlly.

Porno for the Pyre

Some guy asked me what was the deal behind the name Porno Para Ricardo, whether it was a name copied from Porn for Pyros.
Well -I answered- I don't think so. Porno Para Ricardo's name comes from them defending the right of someone who is a friend of Gorki, Ricardo, to get all the porn he wants.... Let's say that Ricardo is a sui generis character, a black guy always sportig a straw hat and combat boots. Nice guy, a little out there, and with an addiction to porn.

Let me get back to the title of this post....

Porno is getting ready for the lightiing of the funerary pyre down in Havana.
Since I published the interview "El Inxilio de Gorki" a lot of our readers have asked about Porno Para Ricardo's new album, the new tracks, and the new video clips. A lot of people offered to donate equipment and music related materials for them, which they appreciate and for which I thank everybody.

This is the update, right from the source:

A number of tracks are finished.
Some other tracks are being mixed, and still a few more are being arranged and retouched.
They started doing the visual design for some clips.
Of course, being the conditions what they are, they don't know when the album will be ready, but they'll keep us posted.

We will certainly keep up with the news, and will let you know when the album is available.
Big thanks!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ringo, Paul....

With the recent additions of the solo works of Ringo and Paul to the catalogue of iTunes we are a step closer to have the Beatles in that online store, which I predict will happen very soon.
According to internet rumours, the solo works of George Harrison are to be released soon, but one never knows with anything Apple, since secrecy is key in this kind of project. Not that with Apple Corps things are any different, the studios at Abbey Road always created, fueled, and fed all sort of mysteries on their own as well.
Of course, y'all know what I am waiting for.... I am waiting for the day all Cuban rockers can have their work in iTunes, because well.... that's one of the things that will come with freedom.
Both writers of KillCastro and The Black Sheep of Exile recommend you to sample and redescover the solo work of Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.
Memory almost full, the new album by Paul McCartney is great.
Photograph: the digital greatest hits, will put you in touch with the Ringo you always knew existed but rarely heard.
Let's see what they have in the bag regarding George. Now that the complete John Lennon oeuvre was released, we will see a remastered Beatles' collection hitting the airwaves one of these days.
If I were the iTunes big honcho I would release the collection the day kasstro's death is announced, as a revenge for having banned them in my youth!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hidden track, open meaning

This is the hidden track by Porno Para Ricardo that Julio Rey is covering.... It has a special meaning today!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Now you can create your own rock radio station in the internet....
Go to Pandora and don't feel shy.... Type Porno Para Ricardo, and you can create a great radio station featuring their music.
The Black Sheep of Exile, KillCastro, and Cuba Underground talked the wonderful team of Pandora into including Porno Para Ricardo's discography in the Music Genome Project and the most personal of all Internet radio stations.
The tyranny ostracizes them, we put them at the reach of the whole damn globle.
Gorki 1
Castro 0
Take that, Comandante.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

La Libertad

The other day we did a simulcast presenting this great song and compelling video-clip at KillCastro at the same time it was broadcasted at the official website of Porno Para Ricardo, for which we feel honored and thank Gorki and the band.

With La libertad Gorki explores the power of graphics, while at the same time he delivers a great lyrical message.

The graphics are reminiscent of the imaginery of the so called "revolutionary" design.... the images construct and deconstruct themselves into more spoofs of the visual aggression of commie propaganda in red, white, and blue to which a Cuban is subject on a daily basis. He also rips the line "vivo en un pais libre" from Silvio Rodriguez, and gets into this incredible rock anthem full blast.

The graphics denounce the militaristic nature of the tyranny, and the same parentage of the swastika and the hammer and sickle, denouncing the castro-fascims for what it is. There are basic geometrical figures that can be read as a raised automatic weapons, warplanes dropping bombs, or go-fast Navy gunships. Gorki certainly delivers a good thrashing to the propaganda machine of the tyranny using their own symbols to convey a message of hope and freedom for the people of Cuba.

While Gorki sings "todos en una misma celda" (or all of us in the same jail cell) the animation evolvesinto a a cacophony of apparently meaningless symbols which morph into a Cuban flag, with the triangle pointing to the right and with a rotated star, as if having nothing to do with the officially recognized and (recently) codified way of displaying the Cuban flag. Let's point out that when the Cuban flag is displayed with an inverted star, or when it appears with a rotated star it means rebellion and a state of war.

La Libertad llegará......

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lennon in iTunes....

iTunes just uploaded the whole Lennon catalogue -including videos of his performance- in their online store.
If you type "Beatles" what shows is the Beatles and Tony Sheridan, from their raw Hamburg days. The back up band surpassed the front man, so to say.... This is a beginning, and soon y'all be able to buy any Beatles album from iTunes. I certainly hope that they dig up some rarities from the vaults of the Abbey Road studios.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Talking about records and music

The other morning I was talking about music -and the way it gets to most of us, in the form of a record- with Gorki and he asked me to please thank everyone who bought one of his records. He was very happy, since he had received a few copies of his band's records, and he hadn't seem them as a finished product until they were successfully smuggled into Cuba.
He was very gracious about thanking all of our readers who follow his and his band (mis)adventures through our blogs, and we spent time talking about technicalities such as graphics, the order of tracks in an album, the album as a collection of songs with an artistic purpose as a whole, and why is better for a musician to keep a day job to be able to enjoy independence from the record houses.
Which led me to remember -after many years of having it as a dormant concept- that the true artist has never cared for the marketing of his work. One poignant example was Van Gogh, whose purpose in life was to create art, not to sell it. We all know how he ended up!
Gorki is not about to slice off an ear, don't worry, but he was adamant in keeping his independence as a creator and an artist. If one takes into account that keeping that independence means to live in Cuba with nothing to put on the table, one needs to stop an look around our comfort and our "all's granted" life, take a deep breath and think what is the right thing to do.... is it to ply to those who are doing a lot of banging on their guayabera cladded chests screaming hysterically that every penny sent to Cuba helps kasstro or is it to break off from the peloton and declare indepence of thought and action and help a person with enough courage to tell castro fuck off, I am my own man and to tell the guayabera set fuck off, I am myself and I do not have to ingratiate me with you?
As a reminder: guayaberas are the "civilian" uniform of choice of the segurosos -the state security (SS) in Cuba. Ask me if I am gonna get caught wearing one of those uniforms of the Gestapo auf dem Tropics!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

El inxilio de Gorki

Entrevista con Gorki para Black Sheep of Exile, saludos para todos!

CB: hey Gorki, te habla el agente Oxiuro de la seguridad del estado!
G: Coño, Charlie….. ¿que hay?

CB: Gorki ¿sabes a lo que llamo un inxiliado?
A lo que fui yo por tantos años en Cuba, uno que vivia libre dentro de su ser, dentro de su cabeza, en el exilio interior, de ahi la palabreja…..

G: Si, bueno, yo vivo libre tambien es lo que uno tiene que hacer en este lugar…. Es la unica forma que hay de vivir de ser uno mismo, eso es parte de ser un rocker…

CB: Como escribi antes, eres el gemelo que no he conocido…. Hablame de tu experiencia como inxiliado en Cuba…. De tu vida en aislamiento cultural, de como haces para producir tus discos a pesar del ostracismo oficial y a pesar de todo el aislamiento.

G: En la casa, con Ciro trabajando muchisimo en las mezclas, el es un gran guitarrista y un gran musico, tenemos unos equipos bastante buenos –riete- un amplificador de valvulas, un Fender de los años setenta que suena muy bien, y una mediocre tarjeta de sonido Soundblaster que “aplana” todo el sonido, pero bueno, trabajamos sin la presion de una disquera ni de nadie que nos diga lo que hay que hacer…. Ahora mismo, estamos trabajando en un nuevo album y tenemos cinco temas en fases de mezcla, estamos trabajando en otros temas y por ahi vamos….

CB: Bueno, dime como funciona esto de tu etiqueta disquera La Paja Records....

G: Ah, es cosa de jodedera, pero nosotros estamos libre de toda presion y de todo juicio, que no sea el nuestro y podemos pensar y ejecutar nuestros albums como mejor querramos, precisamente porque no ganamos nada haciendolos!

CB: Ya se que te han preguntado de esto antes.... pero dime igual ¿que paso con el concierto de Audiolasve?

G: Fui porque no queria perdermelo porque realmente se trataba de un hecho historico. Es el sitio mas repulsivo del Malecon, la llamada tribuna antimperialista o protestodromo. Y tiene mil nombrecitos mas como esos...
La calidad de la musica, ya sabes, muy alta, la calidad del sonido pesima, porque en este pais no hay equipos para respaldar ese tipo de concierto.

CB: Lo he visto en el internet...

G: Te habras dado cuenta del sonido...

CB: El sonido que hay en los clips es bastante bueno, al parecer grabaron todo con un equipo independiente para el DVD del concierto.

G: Sera, pero aca no se oyo bien. Encima de todo, las primeras filas estaban reservadas para miembros del engendro ese que es la Asociacion Hermanos Saiz, la Juventud (nota: la Juventud es el nombre mas comun de la union de jovenes comunistas) y otros por el estilo.

CB: Se ha comentado que los espectadores cubanos forzaron las barreras y se situaron en las primeras filas....

G: si, con mucha represion, porque como sabes los frikis no son violentos como los guapos y la policia se les fue encima con tremendo ensañamiento, siempre abusan de los frikis.

CB: ¿Sabes que Chris Cornell se fue de Audioslave y que ahora es de nuevo Rage Against the Machine?

G: ¿Que paso, recogieron de nuevo a Zach de la Rocha?

CB: Si, Chris Cornell declaro que el tenia diferencias irreconciliables con el resto del grupo.

G: quien no va a tener contradicciones con tipos tan simpatizantes del comunismo -de lejos, claro!

CB: Y volviendo a tus discos..... ¿los recibiste?

G: Si! me encanto verlos y tenerlos en las manos.... ver la obra de uno materializada es algo increible.... se oyen muy bien, gracias! Tengo la suerte de tener una buena banda, y de trabajar con un gran musico, Ciro, que puede tocar cualquier instrumento que se lo proponga y hacerlo bien.

CB: Me alegro, me encanta eso… A ver cuando los tienes listos…

G: que se yo….

CB: ¿Tienes algun contacto con musicos cubanos fuera de Cuba? Me refiero tanto a musicos de rock que se hayan ido o a los poderosos de la produccion musical…. Porque ya estos ultimos tienen que saber quienes son Porno Para Ricardo.
El Calvo, Carlos Varela…. Otros musicos de la escena del rock en Cuba….

G: Respeto el trabajo de Carlos, bueno con Silvio tengo una relacion de amor y odio, por sus buenas canciones en cuales la politica no tiene nada que ver y odio sus canciones panfletarias y su posicion politica, claro esta…..
No, los “dirigentes” de la musica, los poderosos, que van a contactarnos, esos no!
Gil de Joker me escribe, he sabido de Ewar el de Escape pero no he tenido contacto con el…. La escena del rock de Cuba esta afectada por la pose. Esta aun en pañales, creativamente hablando, hay que ser mas agresivos y mas valientes –no en terminos politicos, que de eso hay bastante- pero si en terminos de creatividad y del trabajo de interaccion con el publico en el escenario. Hay muchos fanaticos que me han dicho que si bien nuestra musica no les gustaba tanto si les gustaba nuestra manera de interactuar con el publico y nuestra forma de estar muy cercanos a los aficionados.
Aca a la gente le gusta mas el metal mas fuerte….

CB: Bueno, Gorki, como sabes, soy mayor que tu, soy oficialmente un temba… ¿Cual es la musica que mas te gusta?

G: Hey, tambien yo soy un temba…. A partir de los treinta ya eres un temba! Aqui ahora la escena esta dominada por gente mas joven…. Mas metaleros.
A mi me encanta la musica tradicional cubana…. Mi madre siempre cantaba.

CB: la mia tambien.

G: Benny More, la cancion cubana, la musica tradicional cubana, me encanta.

CB: En mi opinion, el primer punk de Cuba fue Benny More.

G: Si, por su proyeccion escenica por su actitud.

CB: y fue el que le puso el apodo al Barba, el Caballo.

G: ¿Si? No lo sabia…. ¿como fue eso?

CB: le dijo al publico que por ahi venia el Caballo, porque el Caballo es el numero uno de la charada china.

G: Tremendo el tipo! Una vez conoci a Celeste Mendoza, la negra estaba sentada a la puerta de su edificio y yo venia con un amigo y me puse a cantar y a tocar las claves con ella…. bajo con una botella de ron y descargamos toda la noche.

CB: puedo visualizar y escuchar eso Gorki, Celeste Mendoza tenia tremenda presencia escenica y sus chistes en escena eran buenismos y contra el sistema, veladamente, pero contra el sistema.

G: Si, fue inolvidable, ella es una leyenda popular….

CB: Tu que tienes los cojones de expresar lo que sientes, por lo cual has pagado caro: ¿Que crees de la gente que desde una posicion segura y comoda fuera de Cuba se cree con derecho a exigerle a los cubanos que se rebelen mientras se oponen a que se envie todo tipo de ayuda a titulo personal a los que aun estan en Cuba?

G: Dile que no jodan, que se pongan en la posicion nuestra, que se pongan en la posicion no de Gorki, pero de cualquier cubano de la calle. A lo major si se hubieran quedado aqui hubieran hecho esa revolucion de la cual hablan…. Si, es facil decirlo desde fuera.
La ayuda tiene que ser individual, para que uno pueda sobrevivir y al estar vivo oponerse a lo que nos esta jodiendo la vida aqui…. No admito que nadie, de ninguna parte me este exigiendo militancias, porque Cuba esta aqui, eso es lo que hay que entender, Cuba no esta en ninguna otra parte.

CB: gracias Gorki, los lectores apreciaran conocer tus opiniones…. Que son como las mias!

G: Coño, no, gracias a ti….

Cool Graphics

The Black Sheep of Exile introduces you to the work of Almacan, a fantastic Japanese illustrator....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Friday's song

Porno Para Ricardo brings you an instant classic: the old communist anthem La Internacional gets redressed as a punk punching fist straight to Castro's face.

Todos marchamos juntos con la plaza llena
Delante flota la bandera
La lleva una niña con las teta'fuera

Ya desfilaron los maricones y los drogadictos
Los hambrientos los locos
Ya los saludó el señor ministro

La gente nos mira nuestras caras indecentes
Y desde la tribuna
La pizarra humana nos saca los dientes

Yo que me he criado, entre comunistas
A veces soy un equilibrista
uno mas que esta en su lista
de anarquista

Yo que me he criado, entre anarquistas
A veces soy un equilibrista
uno mas que esta en su lista
de comunista

Yo que me he criado, entre comunistas
A veces soy un equilibrista
uno mas que esta en su lista
de anarquista

Yo que me he criado, entre anarquistas
A veces soy un equilibrista
uno mas que esta en su lista
de comunista

I don't know!

(this post doesn't show at KillCastro anymore.... So here it is!)

That's my answer for a bunch of readers that are sending us e-mails asking why on Earth are we not linked in blogs that link many other people....
What can I tell you? I don't know!
Write to those blog editors and let them know what you feel....
I have a hunch that some of them might be afraid of the name KillCastro.
Too bad, we ain't changing it.
We still have a kasstro to kill: raul!


(for some reason, KillCastro is not showing all the posts, so we are re-issuing them here)

NYC is a total chaos.
The subway was flooded.... the wind blown off roofs and threes in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. There were a ton of floods, and manholes were flying 20 feet up in the air.
Of course you didn't read this in the online edition of the newspapers or watched it the night time news.
Our very own KillCastro survived it, and he and his family are ok, enjoying the reports that I gave him that we are going to make public just after we get some sort of confirmation from our people in the ground in Cuba.
Oh, what the hell happened in NYC?
A damn hurricane!
Believe it or not, kids, a fucking hurricane!
They report from Cuba that raul castro is pitchin' a hissy fit 'cuz KillCastro is ok and kicking ass.

Xiomara embodies Celia

(this press note was also published on KillCastro, we are cross posting it on the Black Sheep of Exile to bring it to our readers, since we are experiencing troubles with KillCastro)

NEW YORK (AP) - Playing the Queen of Salsa on stage is a dream come true for Xiomara Laugart, the star of the musical "Celia: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz." But the singer doesn't want to mislead the audience.

"I am not Celia. I don't sing like Celia," said Laugart, a former member of funk band Yerba Buena, who is making her stage debut in the off-Broadway production.

Like Cruz, Laugart, too, is Cuban and a singer. But Cruz "is the Queen of Salsa. I am the queen of my house," Laugart said.

"Imagine! She is the pioneer of the music and the representation of black, Latina and Cuban women. How can you represent that? That's a tremendous challenge, a tremendous responsibility," the exuberant 46-year-old singer told reporters at a Manhattan restaurant, flashing a huge smile.

"People will come to remember Celia. ... What we are doing is recounting her life in the most respectful way."

The musical, opening Sept. 12 at New World Stages, will be directed by Jaime Azpilicueta, who helmed Spanish language productions of "My Fair Lady," "Evita" and "The Way We Were." Modesto Lacen, 30, known for his work in Puerto Rican film, TV and theater, will portray Cruz's husband, Pedro Knight, an accomplished trumpeter who died at age 85 in February.

The book for the show was written by Carmen Rivera and Candido Tirado. The musical director is Isidro Infante, who worked with Cruz and Mambo king Tito Puente.

Through 30 songs once performed by the legendary singer, the musical covers Cruz's birth in Santos Suarez, Cuba, in 1925, to her death in 2003 in New Jersey at age 77.

Cruz studied to be a teacher in her native Havana, but was lured into show business when a relative entered her in a radio talent contest, which she won. She later studied music at the Havana Conservatory and performed at the world-famous Tropicana nightclub.

In the 1950s, Cruz became famous with the legendary Afro-Cuban group La Sonora Matancera. She left Cuba after its 1959 revolution for the United States in 1960, and never went back.

With her powerful voice and flamboyant stage shows, Cruz helped bring salsa music to a broad audience.

Popular with both young and old, Cruz dazzled with her personality and outrageous outfits, including a different wig at each performance. Always flashing a wide smile, she gave an energetic stage show, punctuated by her trademark shout, "Azucar!" - or "Sugar!" - in the middle of a song.

Cruz recorded more than 70 records and had more than a dozen Grammy nominations. She won the award twice, for best salsa album in 2002 and 2003.

Among her biggest hits were "La vida es un carnaval," "Que le den candela" and "Quimbara."

"I go to sleep listening to Celia's songs on my headphones," Laugart recently told The Associated Press. "Before I lay down, I read the script in English and Spanish from top to bottom. I get up in the mornings and do the same, and then go to rehearsal from 10 a.m. until whatever hour."

During rehearsals, Laugart said she feels as if Cruz is with her. "It's a sensation you can only feel if you're there."

A lifelong fan, she met Cruz only once after attending one of Cruz's shows in Italy in the early 1990s.

While waiting in a long line to go backstage, she said Knight noticed her and asked her where she was from. When she responded Cuba, she said Knight brought her in and Cruz greeted her warmly.

Laugart will have makeup artist Ruth Sanchez, who for years worked with the Queen of Salsa and even prepared Cruz for her funeral.

"She tells me all the time how Celia moved when she talked," Laugart said. Sanchez even took her to get long nail extensions such as the ones Cruz wore.

Laugart most admired how Cruz was "always happy - her sincerity, modesty and the way she treated everyone the same way."

"This is a dream come true - to be Celia on Broadway," she said.

What's cooking?

Our most reliable source reported that raul castro rushed to the CIMEQ hospital where his elder brother is being treated early this afternoon shortly after lunchtime.
He spend the afternoon in the hospital, while a steady flow of functionaires seem to be entering and exiting the installations, but no word on castro's status permeated out his inner sanctum, other than he's in and out of his senses, fed through a tube, and sometimes under hypnosis or an inducted coma to force him to rest more or less comfortably.
Also, one unidentified small jet landed in Ciudad Libertad, probably carrying someone of importance but not a jet big enough for a trasantlantic flight or to take a great number of people out of Cuba.
Again, it has being said that the only one of the sons that castro wanted all the time by his bed was fidelito, strangely enough he doesn't want his physician son close by. In my book, that reads as fear of assassination by his own family, namely raul. The only guarantor he has for his own life is his son fidelito.
Let's monitor the Granma, because his death will be kept in secret and it will only be divulged by his official government rag.
Now, if you planned to party and drink your old bottle of champaigne, beware of what's coming the morning after.
It's not gonna be pretty.
At least, it's not gonna be pretty in Cuba.
Raul Castro has been in charge of the repression for the last half a century, and just because his brother dies he won't become a softie overnight.
We have received credible reports that the government plans to crush any hint of "celebration" in Cuba with the most cruel repression and that there are plans to use the troops of the MINFAR and the MININT to wipe off any sort of popular demostration that does not respond to the "mourning" script the goverment has in mind for everybody to follow.
We do not believe that kasstro died today because there was not any round-up of dissidents, or any unusual move of troops or transportation and logistic arrangement to transport prisoners to a camp or to one or more than one of the numerous sports stadiums.
(this post is still a work in progress and we are working jointly in it with our sources in Cuba)
(we are republishing the article above on the Black Sheep of Exile because our blog KillCastro is having some problems)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

For those rockers in Havana....

Pilfered from Julio Rey's blog comes no other than Pete Townsend!


Ante los insistentes rumores acerca de mi salud, se hace necesario que escriba una nueva proclama para aclararlos.
Como ustedes saben, estoy desde hace rato en el CIMEQ con un tubo en la nariz para mi alimentacion, y que se sepa, no es picadillo de soya lo que me estan dando, es CERELAC. Estoy en un coma inducido del cual salgo solamente para escribir mis proclamas y reflexiones, para mantenerlos al tanto de mi trabajo incansable por la revolucion.

Anoche mismo le dije a Raul que escribiera el "libro de la cocina revolucionaria" para que les enseñe a todos como usar las ollas arroceras, y como hacer leche con polvo de tiza, agua, y un poco de arroz sobrante. Quien carajo lo mando a estar prometiendo vasos de leche a nadie, menos a ustedes que no los necesitan. Siempre tuvo la debilidad por su vasito de leche, este comemierda de mi hermano.

Ahora mismo, he dicho a los boxeadores que los ire a ver a la casa de protocolo donde los estan reprogramando y haciendole un trabajito de lavado de cerebro y re-instalandole unos cuantos conceptos revolucionarios en el sistema. Tengo que ver si esta vez no tengo que fusilar a los negritos estos.... pero como siempre, depende de Raul, que la gente piense que el es el malo.

Ya se que todos los cabrones del equipo de Raul estan desesperados porque acabe de morirme para ellos meter las manos en todo. Pero tienen una malisima por delante con todos los buitres que tengo yo en mi equipo, que saben que si me les muero se joden!!! Se les acaba el tumbao. Pero bueno, los dejare a ustedes viendo la telenovela para entretenerlos y para que no se me ocupen mucho de la pelea por el poder entre mi gente y los raulistas, eso si, ustedes seguiran jodidos.

Para terminar, no se crean eso de la fotos que hay por el internet de mi carro oficial, yo uso el que me sale de los cojones, no solo uno, a quien se le ocurre, me monto en carros diferentes con choferes diferentes para despistar. Y bueno, hace rato mi cuarto en el Punto Cero esta en planta baja.... cerca de la cocina, para darles una pista. No estado en casas de protocolo ni de visitas, he estado dando vueltas entre el Punto Cero y el CIMEQ desde que me sacaron bajo una sabana del Cira Garcia.

Por lo pronto, veremos si sigo jodiendolos o si se me ocurre morirme para joderlos desde el infierno.
A Raul le voy a salir por las noches y como es tan pendejo le voy a halar los pies y le voy a hacer creer que es una de sus victimas. Y en cuanto al entierro, bueno, ahi los dejo adivinando.... donde y cuando... y como! Al que se le ocurra celebrar mis perros de presa lo van a partir en cuatro para que se dejen de mariconerias y fiestecitas. Total, eso es lo unico que Raul hace bien, dirigir la represion. Por lo demas no es que me haya salido muy inteligente el animal este.

Vuelvo para mi coma inducido.
Socialismo o lo que es lo mismo, muerte.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Christ of the Abyss

Reading Generacion Asere I found a beautiful photograph by Gregory Sweeney of the Christ of the Abyss in Key Largo, Florida.

I like to think that the Christ of the Abyss protect the souls of our brothers and sisters who have died fleeing from Cuba in unseaworthy vessels and rafts in their search for freedom.
They might be dead, disappeared in the waters, but they have absolute freedom now, they didn't die in slavery, they did die as free men and free women.
My hearts goes to them.
They are in my daily prayers. describes the sculpture:

"Christ of the Abyss

Christ of the Abyss is a 8 1/2 foot, 4,000 pound bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ that stands in 25 feet of water off of Key Largo, Florida. It is located near Dry Rocks, about six miles east-northeast of the Key Largo Cut, in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

This reef is a very shallow dome shaped reef which breaks the surface at low tide on the landward side, and slopes to 25 feet on the seaward side. The statue is one of three cast from a mold by an Italian sculptor Guido Galletti. It was originally made for Egidi Cressi, the dive equipment manufacturer and later donated to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in 1966.

The original "Il Christo Degli Abissi" statue was placed in the Mediterranean Sea off Genoa, Italy, in 1954. In 1961, a second statue "Christ of the Deep" was cast from the same mold. The Cressi family of Italy donated the statue to the Underwater Society of America, which in turn donated it to the Florida State Park Service, in recognition of the conservation efforts involved in the creation of America's first underwater park.

The Christ Statue is one of the most famous and visited underwater sites on earth, accessible to divers and snorkelers alike! Shallow high profile spur and groove coral formations are surrounded by relatively flat, coral and sponge encrusted hard bottom, and sand. Large Spotted Eagle Rays and Southern Stingrays are often sighted near the sandy perimeter. "

Sunday, August 5, 2007

This is not the first time...

That I bring Athanai to the waves of the Black Sheep of Exile or KillCastro
Enjoy his new material!!
Don't miss his collaborations with Telmari and O'Funkillo....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Habana Abierta

They won't be put in a straight jacket by the "moguls" of "Latin Music".
For all of you, the fiercely independent Habana Abierta.
Discover their amazing videos!


Esta es una reflexión política.
Para decirlo más exactamente: es otra proclama. Ya se cumplió un año exacto de la primera, el 31 de julio del 2006. Pero el año transcurrido vale por 10 en cuanto a la posibilidad de vivir una experiencia única que me aportó información y conocimientos sobre cuestiones vitales para la humanidad, que he transmitido con la honradez que me caracteriza al pueblo de Cuba. Como todos ustedes saben, tengo un tubo en la nariz que me esta jodiendo bastante. Eso si, hace un año que en plan de austeridad no uso papel sanitario. En cambio, les escribo esto a ustedes en todas las marcas de papel sanitario que vendemos en Cuba, el Granma, Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores, y otras muchas publicaciones de suave papel, tinta sin toxinas y gran calidad.

Pero nada me jode mas que tres personajes que estan empeñados en actual con desacato a mi figura en flagrante actividad de peligrosidad social, sin demostrar el respeto que merezco como Comandante en Jefe, Presidente del Consejo de Estado y de Ministros, Primer Ministro, Secretario General del Partido Comunista de Cuba, y editor de mi blog, Reflexiones del Comandante en Jefe.

Esos tres mequetrefes se estan dedicando, a sueldo del imperialismo, a escribir "blogs" y a hacer "canciones". Al de las cancioncitas le voy a dar de su musiquita, le voy a mandar al agente Oxiuro para que sepa lo que es bueno. A los otros dos les voy a partir los cojones. Si los encuentro. Pero dicen que estan en el corazon del imperio. Alli los alcanzara el largo brazo de la revolucion.

Pero hoy en realidad quiero reflexionar acerca de la politica cultural, y de su importancia para la produccion de masa alimentaria enriquecida y texturizada que comenzaremos a exportar a Venezuela muy pronto. Tambien exportaremos tilapia, picadillo de soya, cerelac, y pez gato, entre otros productos alimenticios como cafe enriquecido con chicharos a paises amigos como Bolivia.

Ya saben, ahora Raul esta a cargo de guiar la revolucion. Y usedes lo tienen que ayudar a derrotar a Bush en las elecciones. Si, Raul es decisivo para derrotar a Bush, no vaya a ser que invada a Iraq. O Iran, o Basutolandia, que es igual.

Ahora me acosan con preguntas sobre el momento en que volveré a ocupar lo que algunos llaman el poder. Al parecer, con mi ausencia se les esta olvidando que esto es una dictadura. Poder el del imperio. A veces me da la idea que estan perdiendo la costumbre y se estan habituando a ver a Raul.

El propio Raúl se ha encargado de responder que cada decisión importante a medida que me iba recuperando era consultada conmigo. ¿Qué haré? Seguirlos pisoteando como de costumbre.

Al cumplirse un aniversario de la Proclama, veo como el pueblo sigue controlado por Raúl, el Partido, el Gobierno, la Asamblea Nacional, la Juventud Comunista y las organizaciones de masas y sociales, encabezadas por los chivatones y policias, que marchan adelante guiados por mi.

La lucha debe ser implacable, contra nuestras propias deficiencias y contra el enemigo insolente que intenta apoderarse de Cuba. Este punto me obliga a insistir en algo que no puede ser jamás olvidado por los dirigentes de la Revolución: es deber sagrado reforzar sin tregua nuestra capacidad y preparación defensiva, preservando el principio de cobrar a los invasores en cualquier circunstancia un precio impagable. Por eso tenemos que expulsar a todos los palestinos de la Habana, menos a los policias. No le digan a nadie que yo tambien vine de por alla.

Nadie se haga la menor ilusión de que el imperio, que lleva en sí los genes de su propia destrucción, negociará con Cuba. Raul, comemierda, te dije que ofrecieras ningun ramo de olivo, cacho de cabrón mongólico. Por mucho que le digamos al pueblo de Estados Unidos que nuestra lucha no es contra él —algo falso, una llamada jugada de engaño—, este no está en condiciones de frenar el espíritu apocalíptico de mi gobierno ni la turbia y maniática idea de lo que llaman "una Cuba revolucionaria", como si aquí cada dirigente se postulara y eligiera a sí mismo, sin pasar por el riguroso tamiz de la abrumadora mayoría de un pueblo educado y culto que lo apoye. Pero claro, si yo estoy siendo sarcastico y burlandome de todos ustedes.

En reflexión anterior mencioné nombres históricos, pero como estoy cagalitroso ya ni me acuerdo de lo que dije. Para el recuerdo permanente de la interminable lista de todos los que hemos embarcado, enviado a una muerte segura, ejecutado, o encerrado en la carcel de por vida, o hundido en balsas y remolcadores, Raúl encendió una llama que arderá eternamente, o mientras dure el gas que manda ese gorila estupido de Chavez para la fogatica esa. Para algo le di la caja de fosforos a ese retardado.

La vida sin ideas de nada vale. Por eso es que las tengo prohibidas, para que nadie se preocupe por pensar.

Ahora sigan marchando hacia el futuro, con Raul al frente. Sigan creyendo en el futuro, y preparense para mas sacrificio, y mas trabajo, y mas restricciones.

Me iba a despedir con mi habitual Patria o Muerte, Socialismo o Muerte. Pero me doy cuenta que Raul no lo dijo cuando termino su discurso en Camaguey el 26 de Julio. Le he dicho mil veces que aunque el sepa que esas frases son redundantes tiene que decirlas para manterner al publico entretenido.

Basta por hoy, vayan a entretenerse con la telenovela, la pelota y hacer la cola para cualquier cosa. Y ni se les ocurra contradecirme.

I am just calling this Phil Riley guy....

It happens that a submarine is not that difficult to build.
Let me call this "Duke" Riley fellow, and then my buddies in Cuba....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Low tech submarine to avoid the HSV Swift

Sooner than planned and free of charge, we will start sending the plans of this easy to build kit submarine to potential balseros so they can get here with their feet dry....
Avoid the HSV Swift, the BiCoastal Guard, and the Griffin!

El submarino

y ya me voy
en cuanto tenga terminado el submarino
y los que quieran navegar se irán conmigo
viejo loco, viejo loco, viejo
ya me voy

y ya me voy
abajo´el agua no me coge el guarda costas
me iré tranquilo junto a peces y langostas
viejo loco, viejo loco, viejo
ya me voy

en submarino, ya me voy

y ya me voy
y el submarino no saldrá a la superficie
porque si sale nos lo puede hundir la Griffin
del viejo loco, viejo loco, viejo
ya me voy

y ya me voy
y si resulta un viaje corto y eficiente
daré otros viajes y rescatare otra gente
del viejo loco, viejo loco, viejo
ya me voy


We all leave in a Yellow Submarine,
Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine

Don't train your camera on fidel castro....

Photographing kasstro is risky business.