Thursday, August 9, 2007


(for some reason, KillCastro is not showing all the posts, so we are re-issuing them here)

NYC is a total chaos.
The subway was flooded.... the wind blown off roofs and threes in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. There were a ton of floods, and manholes were flying 20 feet up in the air.
Of course you didn't read this in the online edition of the newspapers or watched it the night time news.
Our very own KillCastro survived it, and he and his family are ok, enjoying the reports that I gave him that we are going to make public just after we get some sort of confirmation from our people in the ground in Cuba.
Oh, what the hell happened in NYC?
A damn hurricane!
Believe it or not, kids, a fucking hurricane!
They report from Cuba that raul castro is pitchin' a hissy fit 'cuz KillCastro is ok and kicking ass.