Monday, August 20, 2007

La Libertad

The other day we did a simulcast presenting this great song and compelling video-clip at KillCastro at the same time it was broadcasted at the official website of Porno Para Ricardo, for which we feel honored and thank Gorki and the band.

With La libertad Gorki explores the power of graphics, while at the same time he delivers a great lyrical message.

The graphics are reminiscent of the imaginery of the so called "revolutionary" design.... the images construct and deconstruct themselves into more spoofs of the visual aggression of commie propaganda in red, white, and blue to which a Cuban is subject on a daily basis. He also rips the line "vivo en un pais libre" from Silvio Rodriguez, and gets into this incredible rock anthem full blast.

The graphics denounce the militaristic nature of the tyranny, and the same parentage of the swastika and the hammer and sickle, denouncing the castro-fascims for what it is. There are basic geometrical figures that can be read as a raised automatic weapons, warplanes dropping bombs, or go-fast Navy gunships. Gorki certainly delivers a good thrashing to the propaganda machine of the tyranny using their own symbols to convey a message of hope and freedom for the people of Cuba.

While Gorki sings "todos en una misma celda" (or all of us in the same jail cell) the animation evolvesinto a a cacophony of apparently meaningless symbols which morph into a Cuban flag, with the triangle pointing to the right and with a rotated star, as if having nothing to do with the officially recognized and (recently) codified way of displaying the Cuban flag. Let's point out that when the Cuban flag is displayed with an inverted star, or when it appears with a rotated star it means rebellion and a state of war.

La Libertad llegará......