Friday, August 31, 2007

the politics of the Grammys

Silvio Rodriguez nominated for a Grammy?

Ah, it's all political.
The guy is the "voice of the revolution".....
So the lefties up there in the music business go and unearth this voiceless balding asshole, who is no more and no less a than a decorated CHIVATO in Cuba. Plus, he is a member of the Cuban Kangaroo Rubber Stamp "Parliament".
A great writer of pamphlets, that's what this icon of the left is. He is an accomplice -and a servant- of the tyranny, to put it plainly.

I bet you that all these music honchos have heard of Porno Para Ricardo -who by the way sampled some of Silvio's lyrics, mockingly, that is.... And I can tell you that the rebellious lads are very uncomfortable for them!