Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ringo, Paul....

With the recent additions of the solo works of Ringo and Paul to the catalogue of iTunes we are a step closer to have the Beatles in that online store, which I predict will happen very soon.
According to internet rumours, the solo works of George Harrison are to be released soon, but one never knows with anything Apple, since secrecy is key in this kind of project. Not that with Apple Corps things are any different, the studios at Abbey Road always created, fueled, and fed all sort of mysteries on their own as well.
Of course, y'all know what I am waiting for.... I am waiting for the day all Cuban rockers can have their work in iTunes, because well.... that's one of the things that will come with freedom.
Both writers of KillCastro and The Black Sheep of Exile recommend you to sample and redescover the solo work of Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.
Memory almost full, the new album by Paul McCartney is great.
Photograph: the digital greatest hits, will put you in touch with the Ringo you always knew existed but rarely heard.
Let's see what they have in the bag regarding George. Now that the complete John Lennon oeuvre was released, we will see a remastered Beatles' collection hitting the airwaves one of these days.
If I were the iTunes big honcho I would release the collection the day kasstro's death is announced, as a revenge for having banned them in my youth!