Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's cooking?

Our most reliable source reported that raul castro rushed to the CIMEQ hospital where his elder brother is being treated early this afternoon shortly after lunchtime.
He spend the afternoon in the hospital, while a steady flow of functionaires seem to be entering and exiting the installations, but no word on castro's status permeated out his inner sanctum, other than he's in and out of his senses, fed through a tube, and sometimes under hypnosis or an inducted coma to force him to rest more or less comfortably.
Also, one unidentified small jet landed in Ciudad Libertad, probably carrying someone of importance but not a jet big enough for a trasantlantic flight or to take a great number of people out of Cuba.
Again, it has being said that the only one of the sons that castro wanted all the time by his bed was fidelito, strangely enough he doesn't want his physician son close by. In my book, that reads as fear of assassination by his own family, namely raul. The only guarantor he has for his own life is his son fidelito.
Let's monitor the Granma, because his death will be kept in secret and it will only be divulged by his official government rag.
Now, if you planned to party and drink your old bottle of champaigne, beware of what's coming the morning after.
It's not gonna be pretty.
At least, it's not gonna be pretty in Cuba.
Raul Castro has been in charge of the repression for the last half a century, and just because his brother dies he won't become a softie overnight.
We have received credible reports that the government plans to crush any hint of "celebration" in Cuba with the most cruel repression and that there are plans to use the troops of the MINFAR and the MININT to wipe off any sort of popular demostration that does not respond to the "mourning" script the goverment has in mind for everybody to follow.
We do not believe that kasstro died today because there was not any round-up of dissidents, or any unusual move of troops or transportation and logistic arrangement to transport prisoners to a camp or to one or more than one of the numerous sports stadiums.
(this post is still a work in progress and we are working jointly in it with our sources in Cuba)
(we are republishing the article above on the Black Sheep of Exile because our blog KillCastro is having some problems)