Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is she a member of the Euro Parliament?

Last time I checked, Ileana Ros Lehtinen was a member of the U.S. Congress and had nothing to do with the European Parliament.
Our friend and reader Roland M. sends us the following article, wondering how Ms. Ros-Lehtinen HAS NOT called the US Government to condemn the recent crack down in Cuba while she's instead calling the European governments to do so. Kind of a bit off her homebase, and way out her jurisdiction I would say....

Let's analyze that article bit by bit....

Ros-Lehtinen Urges Europe to Denounce Arrests in Cuba

(WASHINGTON) - European governments should denounce the Castro regime's latest roundup of dissidents, just as they have criticized the crackdown of democracy advocates in Burma this week, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen suggested today in a letter to European Union officials.
(no word on whether she wrote a similar letter to President Bush touching upon the same issue, or condemning the dry-foot wet foot, or the unfair treatment of Cuban refugees in Guantanamo base, though, or the manipulations of lawyers and judges in Miami to offer yet another child in sacrifice to the dying tyrant next door)

As many as 200 Cuban dissidents have disappeared and others were arrested by security forces at a Thursday protest at the Justice Ministry seeking better living conditions for the hundreds of prisoners of conscience still jailed by the regime.
(In reality, Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, the Cuban people at large is a hostage of the Cuban government, and there is no clamor in the US Government about that, just tired rhetorics. Still, the dry-foot wet-foot illegal regulation is used to push Cubans back towards the same regime they flee and all we hear from the Cuban-American politicos in the Hill is silence about this issue)

Ros-Lehtinen, Ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affair Committee, urged the European Union "to hear the cries of the Cuban nation" and called upon EU member states to denounce the round-up, demand the regime immediately account for the whereabouts of dissidents, and release them along with all prisoners of conscience.
(There's no similar demand made to the tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a short mile away from her office, those cries are heard very clearly here in the United States, and not much is done to punish the ones who inflict so much pain on the Cuban people)

Thursday's crackdown "serves as yet another confirmation of the brutal nature of Raul Castro and the dictatorship as a whole, which has entrenched itself in Cuba and refuses to release its hold on power and allow the Cuban people to decide their destiny in free, fair, multiparty, democratic elections," Ros-Lehtinen wrote in the letter to Dr. Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission; Dr. Javier Solana, EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy and Secretary General of the European Council; and Mrs. Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Commisioner for External Relations of the European Commission.
(again, why was not a similar letter delivered by hand to the President of the USA by the Cuban politicos in the Hill? Do they think that it's an effort not worth of their while? or do they know that they cannot awake W from his sopor on everything Cuban?)

"We have seen in recent weeks the demonstrations in Burma and the international support the Burmese monks and other pro-democracy activists there have received. The Cuban people deserve no less. We ask that the European Union demonstrate this same solidarity and support for those that struggle to bring freedom and democracy to Cuba," Ros-Lehtinen added.
(Good, but shouldn't we start asking for the same solidarity from places near home, namely the White House? Why is the US government let "free" of a similar petition? All her concerns are valid, but what is not understandable is that there's no action closer to the homebase here in the US... Or is it that they know that the President has no interest in helping the liberation of Cuba and that everything has been traded by that so called (raulian) stability? As a side note, the recent abuses are nothing but an apperitif of what's coming under the raulian regime and what will be delivered by his praetorian guard)

Interestingly enough, she doesn't mention that the crackdown was masked behind the massacres in Burma, as well as Castro used the visit of the Pope to Cuba to help Clinton to mask the Lewinsky affair and used that affair to divert the attention to the visit of the Pope to Cuba. Castro also used the Iraq war as a smoke curtain to hide the arrest of seventy five dissidents during the Black Spring, and coincidentally, Raul hid his abuses and arrests of about 200 dissidents behind the crimes of the Burmese tyranny, while Felipe Perez Roque spoke in support of Burma and compared the world condemnation of those brutalities to the "atttacks on Cuba's sovereingnty". Can they notice that there's a pattern?

Again, the call should have been made first to the President of the United States and then to the European Union and the world at large. Her own party and government have failed miserably in everything related to Cuba, and there's no justification to give the White House a free pass on this matter and throw the hot potato only in Europeans hands. Besides, her fellow politicos are totally silent about this.... which tells you a good deal about their character.

Viva España!

At this point, when there are renewed attacks against "Spain", we will defend Spain and the Spaniards again.
With even more zeal than we did before, because.... seeing and perceiving that pathetic commie of Zapatero and his cohorts as "Spain and the Spaniards" is certainly much akin of seeing and perceiving the undead Castro as "Cuba and the Cuban people".

If somebody is ready to confuse the Spain of my ancestry and my culture with a stinky Mr. Bean look-alike lefty, then that very same person cannot be offended when somebody misidentify the Cuba of my birth with Fidel Castro and the fidelistas, because it's the same thing. Or not? So blaming Spain as a whole -country and culture- for the crimes of some Spaniards, and make people believe that Spain is the cave of Satan is the SAME than blaming Cuba for the castros, che and their revolution and making all Cubans responsible for their crimes.

Of course, you cannot ask the elm tree for pears, to freely translate the old Spanish adage.
When a mind cannot formulate a rational thought about it, when a mind cannot tell the difference between politicians and tyrants in bed and the populations they misrepresents, you cannot ask much more from them; blood from turnips? pears from elms?

Will these guys realize, for once, that the Black Legend of Spain is being translated today into the Black Legend of Cubans by that master xenophobe of Fred Thompson? Oh, no, that brute filled his piehole with a pastelito and drank a cafecito, so he's gotta be good. Thanks God he didn't wear a guayabera (or is it wah-yah-bay-rah?) because well, they would have said "move over God, Freddo is coming".....

Well, well, well.... I think that with minds wired so differently they will even think that my Spain is the same Spain of Fidel Castro. They probably think that the Spain of our ancestry is the same "Spain" of Valeriano Weyler. So, if that's the case, why get offended when somebody shows another generalization of different sign? I mean, where's the offense when they associate Cuba to the crimes of miscreants like fidel and raul castro, and even worse, to the crimes and cowardice of che(o) huevera?

By the way, the "Spains" of Valeriano Weyler and Fidel Castro are one and the same. And that's the "Spain" of Zapatero, as well. But that's not the Spain of the taxi driver in Madrid saying "ese castro es un hijo de puta mayusculo, que se muera el viejo de los cojones". That's not the Spain of the old portera outside a building who says "ese lindo acento, señor, es el de la Cuba de mi infancia, abajo fidel coño!" . That's not the Spain of the men and women that tell you in any small town of Spain, "ah, mis tios fueron a Cuba, y se sintieron como en casa". That is neither the Spain of the unknown that tells you in a bar, while having coffee in the morning: "estoy listo para venderlo todo y largarme a Cuba cuando esos cabrones estan bajo tierra para ayudaros a hacer un pais nuevo, como mereceis". That's my Spain. Y que viva España!


The most thunderous rock band from Havana is bringing the house down (Gorki's and el Puro's house, more el Puro's than Gorki's) with the production of their new CD.
They rely basically on the support of friends, knwon and unknown, to get what is normally available to all other recording artists in any far away corner of this world with the exception of Cuba.
They need bass and guitar strings, as well as drumsticks....
They are using a six string bass, as opposed to the regular four string bass that you see in most rock bands, the Bass VI, and they need to have some strings in stock for it.
Also, they need guitar strings to produce those songs in which they kick fidel's and raul's balls or what little remain of them.
These are the specs for the guitar strings they use to deliver their poisoned darts to the body of the beast.
The drummer would be much more confortable using these sticks than the peeled off broom handles that he's using today....
Thanks for your help!
Please e-mail for details.

La banda mas ruidosa de la Habana esta tumbando la casa (de Gorki y del Puro, mas del Puro que de Gorki) con la produccion de su nuevo CD.
Ellos dependen de la ayuda de amigos conocidos y desconocidos para obtener lo que es lo m as normal para otros musicos y artistas en cualquier otro lugar del mundo que no sea Cuba.
El bajista esta usando un bajo de seis cuerdas, lo cual no es tipico porque la mayoria de las bandas de rock usan bajos de cuatro cuerdas solamente. En este momento se necesitan cuerdas del tipo Bass VI.
Los guitarristas necesitan cuerdas para producir esas canciones en las cuales patean los cojones de fidel y raul sin compasion, o lo que les queda de cojones a ese par de cabrones. Estas son las especificaciones para las cuerdas de guitarra que usan para clavar dardos en el sucio cuerpo de la bestia!
El baterista ya se canso de estar pelando palos de escoba con un cuchillo viejo para hacerse las baquetas. Claro esta, el se sentiria mas comodo usando unas baquetas verdaderas!
Gracias por tu ayuda!
Escribe por favor a para mas detalles.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The situation in Havana

Different bloggers with a wide net of sources have been reporting on the arrest of a gaggle of dissidents down in Havana, and elsewhere in Cuba.
The figures go from 5 to more than 200, and some reports seem to have more accuracy than others.
Our sources, fortunately, are all of them accounted for.
That's the advantage of working with low key, common-man, common-woman, Cubans-walking-on-the-street.
The report we have is that the State Security (DGSE, G2, DGI, and other morphs) conducted a wide-net casting operation, with tons of chivatos and informers, who had the dissidents identified time in advance and had detailed their movements and communications.
So, keep of thinking that Raul is a reformer. Keep on thinking that the Release 2.0 of the tyranny is an easier game.
People seem to have forgotten that che guevara was appointed chief executioner by kasstro after raul proved to be so bloodthirsty that his own tyrant brother was scared of his handywork.
To us, the writers of this blog, the whole repressive wave was expected.
It reads exactly like the "non-government" purges in Soviet Russia. The KGB went after everyone whose opinion was not in 100% accordance with the regime. Both the people who were in total disagreement and also the overzealous commies whose rate of approval for government actions was 110%. They were also deemed suspicious, and sumarily whacked off.
Sadly, the dissident movement in Cuba has been penetrated by the political police.
Even more sadly, they are virtual unknowns within the country.
Dramatically enough, the dissident movement is fragmented and without a visible head. Mistrust, divisions, all have been planted in their ranks by the State Security.
The raulista junta -or at least its top military branch- is not going to let go easily or without a fight.
They are telling us that they don't give a shit about fidel castro being dead or alive, they are the ones in power, and apparently, the seventy five dissidents who were bagged during the Black Spring are very few while compared with this Autumn of Hell that is befalling unto them. Actually, let's use the Americanism Fall of Hell instead of Autumn of Hell, I mean, this whole thing will end up by being the Fall of Hell for the tyranny. When? I have no idea.
As they say in Cuba, no hay mal que dure cien años, ni cuerpo que lo resista....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Star Trekking while Muslim

Russkies and Merkins face the problem of locating Mecca from an orbital statation to accomodate first Muslim astronaut.
Tell me about political correctness shooting up out the stratosphere....

a thank you note...

To all of those who promoted cowardice and silence, to all of those who turn their backs to the little girl that today is being stripped from the only happiness that she has known to be given to the person who wanted her dead, abandoned her with an abusive mother, and to whom the "justice system" is trusting today with her care.
To all of those who were silent cowards, who closed their eyes before perjury, prejudice, fabrications, lies, conspiracy, and consorting with a tyrant in his death bed, a big thank you in the name of castro. He's sending thank-you notes, all of them poisoned.
From KillCastro and Charlie Bravo, a big and resounding fuck you, cowards. If you were born Cuban, well, fuck you again, damn traitors.

Robot dog

They are studying diverse military and civilian applications for this thing....
They should install a head with powerful hydraulic jaws with serrated steel teeth on them.
Make it the Rob-o-Presa-Canario, while you're at it...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sugarcane is (technically) a weed

And weeds can be converted into "gas". The same with corn, soy, beans, alfalfa, and other highly caloric renewable crops. That's the political and economic underlying of the new TV series, Cane.
They are trying to get you ready to deal with the new princes of fuel, the Caribbean Sheiks from Cuba.

Nuclear teleprompter....

I liked the way W shoo'd off the commies with his mention of a "cruel dictator".
I loved the way Perro Roque threw his earpiece, and that all the empty suits from the Cuban delegation followed him down the aisle.
But now I am wondering if the words "cruel dictator" were also phonetically scripted for W in order to try to avoid yet another embarrassment. Did they teleprompt him "krewl dik-tay-ter"?
The phonetically enhanced version of his speech, complete with the cellphone numbers and side scribblings for his speech writers was posted briefly in the UN website. It was fed in advance to the simultaneous translators at the UN, and then teleprompted to his podiums monitor.....

If you want to talk like W, this is lesson one, righ here:

Kyrgyzstan [KEYR-geez-stan]
Mauritania [moor-EH-tain-ee-a]
Harare [hah-RAR-ray]
Mugabe [moo-GAH-bee]
Sarkozy [sar-KO-zee]
Caracas [kah-RAH-kus]

C'mon, this is becoming a little bit too much already.... more important that the possible presidential gaffes, is the fact that some dodo head at the White House would actually give the UN a draft of a document preggers with scribblings and private phone numbers of presidential spin doctors.


That's the new Led Zeppelin collection to have.
Jason Bonham takes the place at the drumming throne, and he's said to be filling his father bass drum pedal with a great heavy foot and giving a performance made of the stuff rock and roll legends are made of....

This is the Mothership track list, as it will be released by November 13

Disc One

1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Communication Breakdown
3. Dazed And Confused
4. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
5. Whole Lotta Love
6. Ramble On
7. Heartbreaker
8. Immigrant Song
9. Since I’ve Been Loving You
10. Rock And Roll
11. Black Dog
12. When The Levee Breaks
13. Stairway To Heaven

Disc Two

1. Song Remains The Same
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. D’Yer Maker
4. No Quarter
5. Trampled Under Foot
6. Houses Of The Holy
7. Kashmir
8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
9. Achilles Last Stand
10. In The Evening
11. All My Love

There are three versions, one in a double CD, another one in a double CD plus a live set DVD and a third super deluxe edition for the viny lovers, which will include a book and four LP records.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sugar cane.
Those four elements have been always part of the history of Cuba. Ok, part of the history of Cuba who many would never want to know. Castro comes from that too, even though his father was a minor player. He then stole the whole country -sugar, rum, and cattle incuded- out of resentment.
The Fanjuls, the Bacardis, they all come from the Cuban sugar families....
The independence of Cuba had to do with sugar cane, rum, money, and blood. And also, the slavery of Cuba at the hands of Castro.
Rum is to the Duques of Cane what oil was to the Ewings of Dallas.
The phrase "I am not a criminal, I am a businessman" will be heard over and over from today on....

A few more considerations, in case we lose the comments:
Actually, it's fiction.
And yes, there are Cuban criminals too, we don't have only God-fearing and hard-working patriotic individuals, we also have hardened criminals, who are not in the business of goodness.... (like that landowners dynasty, the Castros, for example)
It's a show for Christ sakes, it's not an official story of a given Cuban family. (if they fry the Fanjuls or some of the others who first helped get castro into power and then fled, I don't care. The Fanjuls happen to be friends with Bill Clinton, and they did nothing to stop him from sending Elian to Cuba, or not to come up with the dry foot wet foot, so much friendship with Clinton for defending the Cuban interests)
Money, at least in the sugar business, came many times drenched in blood. From slavery and down.
I think that the show's telling us that Cubans are as part as the American mainstream (and of the American stew) as much as Jews and Italians are, not to mention Anglos. The Duques are to Florida -in the show- what the Ewings (of Dallas) were to Texas. Ethanol, sugar and rum are the new oil.
Believe me, what we don't need is to get all nervous and shaky for a fiction show.
There's a difference between fiction and reality. Just like your average American doesn't think that all Italians are molded according to the DNA map of Al Capone or Tony Soprano, or all Jews are little Meyer Lanskys or all Irish Americans are drunkards like Ted Kennedy, or all the blacks are gangsta rappers, they do not think that all Cubans are wealthy landowners with a penchant for offing people who cross their paths.
Let's take it for what it is, entertainment. After all, we've seen only one episode. It could become better with time, or worse, but only time will tell.
As per people complaining that the characters don't look Cuban.... what the hell a Cuban looks like???? Both KillCastro and I have been told that
a- "you don't speak like a Cuban"
b- "you don't look Cuban"
Cubans come in all shapes and shades... And they speak very differently from one another too.
Do I think that there are Cubans like these?
Do I think that the majority of Cubans are like this family?
Do I think that the show has to be about a non-eventful pristine and clean Cuban family?
Do I think that the show has to necessarily be about wealthy landowners?
Not exclusively, but still, we have only seen a first episode and we don't know what the writer of the show has in store (or at least, I don't know)
I don't care that the actors are not Cuban...
Which leads me to wonder where the hell were the agents for the Cuban actors that were not out there trying to get them these gigs.....
And another thing....
How's that the bomb by Andy Garcia -The Lost City- was to be revered, and this show is to be hated?
Amazing, isn't it?

Highway to Hell....

Get on that highway to hell already, you thugs....

That was Perro Roque singing:
Living easy, livin' free
Season ticket, on a one - way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too

I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell

No stop signs, speedin' limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me 'round
Hey Satan! Paid my dues.
Playin' in a rockin' band
Hey Mama! Look at me
I'm on my way to the promise land

I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell

Don't stop me!


We are having trouble with KillCastro, it would not update and will keep on going into an endless iteration without publishing the new posts....
As a result, we will use it as an archive of our best work till now, and y'all can access it from here. For the new material, there's always the Black Sheep of Exile.
Please update your favorites and your links accordingly.
Sorry about the mess...

Monday, September 24, 2007


To David Martinez Delgado, who went ahead and bought the sound card needed to finish the record....
Thanks in the names of Charlie Bravo, KillCastro, Cuba Underground and of course first and foremost, thanks in the name of Porno Para Ricardo.
And the message from the lads....
A big thanks also for all of you who support the band and who have donated gear, helped them with financing the production of the new record, and with moral support as well.
Gorki, Ciro, Renay & Ebert

Columbia University....

Invites Holocaust denying, terrormonger-hostage taker to speak in campus.
That's why we are where we are, in terms of brainwashing and education going down the drains....

1 sin 33, no 64

(republished from KillCastro)

"Caballo sin tiñosas"
"No muerto grande"

Those are the text messages of one of my sources who is obsessed with the Cuban-Chinese charade.
Sometime's he's very cryptic, but in regards to castro's situation, he's proven himself right, once more.
Nobody dies the day before, or the day after, people die when they are supposed to die.

That's why we have pointed out in several ocassions that it doesn't make a difference at this point if castro is dead or alive, it's not a one man problem, it's a system created and designed to have an evil entity in power for an indeterminate amount of time. When people insist in concentrating in the live or death of fidel castro, they are reducing the problem to one man. Therefore, castro's propaganda machine keeps on playing cat and mouse, have people's credibility reduced to zero for their constant "crying wolf" and timely comes with a (made on purpose to look kind of homey and amateurish) video to ridicule the "fidel is dead" bunch. They were fooled, once more. One would think that the lesson was learnt from past false alarms, but apparently it was not. The ones celebrating are the supporters of castro, and the press will once more feed on the frustrated "revelers" to be who have no corpse and no party.

The fate of the Cuban people will change very little after the death of castro, as much as the fate of the Russians changed after the death of Stalin. If instead of entangling in exercises of hysterics about the "announced death of the tyrant" and having a stomach deep reaction when he is shown on TV, people were to worry about what to do to destroy his chain of fear and help the Cuban people liberate themselves the results would be much better.

Keep on being visceral as opposed to cerebral if what you want is another defeat in this game.

Keep on believing that your desires are true, and that there's no "worse case scenario" approach to be taken and you will be unprepared for what is in store for both the Cuban people and the exiles, which is more of the same but more diabolically engineered.

Keep on being so desperate to celebrate castro's death without understanding what comes with it as a side dish, and you will be taken for a ride, courtesy of the regime.

Our lives cannot revolve around fidel castro. There are 12 million people in Cuba who will need to face a future without fidel castro at some point. Their avenir is uncertain, because under the rule of Raul junta's there will be very few changes, among them a leaner meaner repressive machine above everything else. They will maybe given some "reforms" which I like to call tranquilizers if that much. As long as we are concentrated in the talking carcass of castro we will not be able to deal with what comes after he makes his final exit, because we won't see it coming until it's too late.

To both writers of this blog it doesn't come as a surprise that castro is alive. We have know it all along, according to the reports of our sources. The physical status of the tyrant corresponds to that of a person who suffered a septisemia: he survived but he is not in good conditions. Survival rate for septisemia is more than fifty percent, so nothing surprising here. He's been in coma -induced and natural, and his speech is still slurred and his themes of conversations are vague and errant. So he's not in great shape. He actually looked much worse than the Cuban government officials have been saying. What was shown on video was a pathetic cartoonish shadow of the castro that used to be, and if instead of lamenting that he is still alive we were planning what to do to disrupt the successor regime we would be doing much better.

My world is not shaken for the non-death of fidel castro, it cannot disrupt or deviate us from our final objective that is the destruction of the tyranical system that keeps its boot on the throat of the Cuban people. Still today, many people are convinced that with castro gone, all the problems of Cuba will be gone too. Not that fast, that regime was designed to make people believe that one man was the regime, that one man was the "leader" or the "devil" depending on what side of the fence were you, hiding at the same time the fact that it was an evilish system whose survival was proven before: Soviet Style Communism.

Actually, they are showing you a ridiculous old man in video, who is not able to maintain a normal conversation, and who looks like a character of Tales from the Crypt. Read between the lines, they are telling you that he won't come back, and that the decostruction of the myth is going on as planned. Also, look past his ghostly figure and wonder why they are trying to distract us, and from what, trying to get us stuck in useless speculations on the live or death on an irrelevant political corpse. That's the communist equivalent of a supermarket tabloid, but truly sinister.

Oh well, go ahead and throw those "vacuum cleaner sketches" away, because those were false "news" fed to the ones willing and wanting to believe them by the operatives of the propaganda and intelligence machines in Havana, Miami, and in Saint Elsewhere.

Money, lies, and videotapes....

Is that a hole in his throat?
UPDATE: two medical doctors have called to tell us that the "hole" doesn't look like a tracheostomy surgical scar, but one of them doesn't believe that such a scar would be left uncover without make-up for all to see. The other doctor tends to believe that there are no signs of a thracheostomy. It could be a shadow, according to him. The other one thinks that the so called shadow is a bit deep, and that some make up was applied on the depressed skin in Castro's neck. In his opinion, there are no signs of his multiple warts and skin marks in that area, either....

(we are having some trouble with KillCastro, bear with us, please!)

Well, well, well….
The net is rife in speculations about these past Friday video show….
And again, the propaganda machine of the Cuban regime puts out another diversionist bit of film.
Now, their objective was clear: to serve fidel castro as the Messiah of the revolution, as the symbol of the revolution, its core and personification, selling the notion that fidel castro is the revolution and that the revolution is fidel castro.
Why would they do that, when they are always saying that the revolution will outlast fidel castro?
There are two answers, the short and the long….
The short answer: to make people believe that with fidel castro buried, the system will be buried.
The long answer: to make people believe that they are actually different from fidel castro, and that they will bring –on their own old communist party ways- changes to Cuba, and that they count with the support of the Cuban people to undertake the task to change Cuba for the better, always under the leadership of the party and with another perceptual slant to it, since hey, castro is gone and they are now out of the sudden very different.

The first answer doesn’t need or merits an analysis because it’s directed to both the credulous MSM and the naïve people of the left, and the even more naïve people who actually think that castro the man is the revolution. The only thing we can say about it is that if castro was the revolution and the revolution was castro, then we don’t deserve a free Cuba since we could not defeat a lonely man for 50 years, and we are subscribing to the notion that a whole population followed voluntarily the whims of a single man. A man of those powers can only be a god or a demon, but we are not dealing with theology, we are dealing with politics.

The second answer…. Let’s analyze it a bit;
1- Any changes which come from a communist party honcho are designed in advance to maintain the system under a disguise, this is the classical and proverbial pack of wolves posing as sheep to trick the international community, the Cubans, the exiles, the press, and to gain even more international accomplices in their task of keeping themselves in power.
2- The communist system was designed since the beginning to have an indeterminate presence and permanence in time, like the fascism system in its German variance with the famous 1000 years of the Reich. The Soviet system outlasted its creators and even today it is alive through Putin. The system was not destroyed. The system was changed to make it appear as if it had been destroyed, but it’s the same under a disguise, which allows it to operate in a more effective way without the burdens. Fascism didn’t survive Mussolini or Hitler, but not only because they were physically eliminated, in addition the whole system was dismantled and destroyed, its structures were demolished to dust, and all the ruling class for that model was caught and punished.
3- At this point, the communists in Cuba are following the book step by step, to save the system and themselves. The talking carcass of castro is just half an expiatory goat, half a symbol of the revolution. Now they will make people believe that all that was bad came straight from castro’s mind, and that they were unwillingly followers, so they now deserve a change of ruling the country as they had always intended. This is telling us that the system is functional, and that they are following all they have in the books for the succession and maintenance of the system.
4- The Cuban people don’t know the first thing about survival in the real world, they have lived under a suffocating paternalistic society, under a choking tyranny for half a century, so those “reformers” are taking advantage of that ignorance and they do plan to keep them like that. They are probably going to try to install a sui generis version of capitalism to work ONLY on their advantage and behalf while swindling the Cuban people as always. Do you know that the biggest concentration of billionaires by square mile of cityscape live in Moscow now?
Don’t you think that they want the biggest concentration of billionaires –themselves- of the Caribbean to live in Havana? That’s why they have to screw the Cuban people….
5- To screw the Cuban people and to produce money, they need money. Where’s that money going to come from? Easy, from the exiles. How will they swindle the exiles into believing that Cuba is free for them to come and invest? Even easier…. Just by telling them that the revolution is gone because fidel is gone! And believe me you, there are so much people whose hate for fidel castro surpasses their love for Cuba who will swallow the bait, the sinker, the line, and even the fishing pole. It’s our moral duty to unmask the under the surface machinations of the Cuban honchos because they are trying to get the Cuban people even more divided and more scared so they can make money and continue with a leaner variation of the system, much a la Putin.
6- Go to our archives and look for all the instances on which we have talk about Communism Succession 101. They need to establish a myth first, then they need to deconstruct the myth, and then they need to establish a new myth. The relief of castro in the revolution square of Camagüey over which raul spoke is the official first step in telling everybody that castro is not coming back. That he is just a symbolic figure in the Caribbean variance of the Officially Approved Communist Liturgy.
7- To destroy the system the first thing we need to know is that its symbols are just such, superficial representations of images. They mean not much, in practical terms. Thus the irrelevance of fidel castro as a political figure since he abdicated power in favor of raul. He is just a symbol. The symbol is sold as the real McCoy, to have the population believe that once fidel is gone, the revolution will be gone too, but keeping the old apparatchiks in all positions of the new power. The system has to be destroyed and uprooted totally. The life and/or death of fidel castro means absolutely nothing in the big scheme of things.

Let’s not allow the policy makers from Havana to confuse the Cuban people or to confuse us. They want to keep the fidelismo sin fidel, and they want to keep all the basis of the system intact to keep their personal power without taking into account the will of the Cuban people. Oh, Cuban people means the Cubans of the Island and the Cubans of the Diaspora as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Haciendose el muerto

Haciendose el muerto…..

CB: Hey, loco…. ¿Que tal? Te tengo noticias….
G: Hey…. ¿Que es lo que hay? Dime… ¿noticias?

CB: Pero dime tu, que vi que pusieron anoche al fantasma de la opera en television….
G: Oh, si, claro…. Despues que corrio la bola que se habia muerto a ver que entierro le hacian….

CB: Eso es lo que pienso, que el y sus compinches son los que corren las bolas.
G: Si claro, llevan 50 años corriendo bolas y metiendo mentiras, tremenda experiencia que tienen… asi el dia que se muera de verdad nadie lo va a creer.

CB: Haciendose el muerto a ver que entierro le hacen….
G: El sabe bien la clase de entierro que le vamos a hacer….

CB: Bueno te digo las noticias, felicidades…
G: ¿Felicidades? ¿Y eso por que?

CB: El Centro Nobel por la Paz y Freemuse te seleccionaron para una exposicion, estan haciendo un audiovisual con la cancion Manuel….
G: Wow, eso si que es una sorpresa! Deja que se lo diga a la banda…. Cuentame mas!

CB: Estan en el mismo “saco” con el escritor Salman Rushdie y con el cineasta asesinado por los terroristas islamicos Theo Van Gogh… Y con otros intelectuales mas, perseguidos por sus opiniones en distintas partes del munco.
G: Coño, que me persigan ya esta bien, pero que no me asesinen!

CB: Nah, que no te asesinen! me alegro mucho por ustedes, es un gran reconocimiento….
G: y lo mas importante es mostrarle al mundo lo que pasa aqui, que muchos viven en el limbo y no se imaginan el infierno que hay detras del paraiso….

CB: Y otra noticia mas….. o dos…. Te hice un audiovisual con la cancion Trova Electrica usando las fotos de Johannes Frandsen…. Me gusto mucho que las fotos fueron tomadas en tu estudio y que muestran la realidad de hacer musica alternativa e independiente en Cuba, en tu casa…
G: Que buenas fotos, verdad, gracias! A ver que dice la gente… mandamelo, por favor, cuando puedas…. Nadie se imagina en que condiciones hacemos musicas, hay tremendo calor en este cuarto. Todo esta acusticamente aislado, para no joder a los vecinos. Ensayamos solo una vez por semana, para molestar lo menos posible y a ver si la policia y el regimen no nos organizan mas meetings de repudio….

CB: Del carajo, Gorki… Te mando el audiovisual junto con un monton de musica que te tengo, los covers que te hizo Julio Rey, y quien sabe quien mas….
G: Gracias…. ¿Musica?

CB: Te tengo las discografias de unas cuantas buenas bandas y una seleccion de otras cosas, ya me diras cuando te llegue….
G: No tenias que molestarte, Charlie…. ¿como quedo la version que hizo Julio Rey?

CB: No, me da gusto, que carajos…. La primera version que hizo Julio en ingles le quedo muy buena, muy heavy, te va a gustar. Esta haciendo dos mas… y le hizo hasta una portada buenisima, el es diseñador ademas de ser un tremendo musico… no te digo mas, para que cuando la veas me cuentes de tu impresion.
G: ¿esta haciendo otras dos versiones?

CB: Si, dos versiones mas…. Tres versiones de la misma cancion en tres venas muy diferentes… te van a gustar….Bueno ¿y como va el nuevo disco?
G: Superbien…. Estamos montando tres nuevas canciones aparte de ensayar nuestro repertorio de siempre, pero hay tres nuevas mas las cinco que te dije el otro dia y pensamos montar dos o tres mas la proxima semana…. Estoy trabajando con Ciro en la musica de algunos textos y eso, y ahi vamos….

CB: oh se me olvidada… te hice una traduccion del articulo para una revista francesa que publico Antoine Mira. Muy buen articulo, le dieron una buena entrevista.
G: oh si, fue una entrevista muy interesante….

CB: el los compara con los Sex Pistols….
G: Nah, esta loco!

CB: bueno, mis amigos americanos piensan que ustedes suenan como los Ramones, the Clash, o the Pistols…
G: me alegro que les guste pero no es para tanto….

CB: ¿Me hiciste mi t-shirt del año del error?
G: no, no te hecho el pull-over todavia, necesito conseguirme un pull-over en blanco…

CB: ¿y donde los haces?
G: aqui en lose studios de grabaciones y arte La Paja de Porno Para Ricardo!
Tengo un bastidor de serigrafia por una esquina y ahi los hago a mano…

CB: te quedo buenisimo…. Bueno, te dejo que ya me tengo que ir, y que la banda tiene que estar al llegar….
G: Bueno, ya tu sabes…. Deja que le de las noticias al piquete, eso si que va a estar bueno hoy aqui… Te tengo al tanto con lo del disco y todo eso, ¿ok?

CB: Esta bien, pasalo bien. Bye….
G: Bueno, cuidate, ciao….

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trova Electrica

Trova Electrica.
We present this audiovisual as a co-production of Porno Para Ricardo, Johannes Frandsen, Cuba Underground, and The Black Sheep of Exile. Enjoy!

Johannes Frandsen says:

Gorki, Renay, Ciro and Luis together form the Cuban rock band Porno Para Ricardo. Since they started playing together in 2001 they have only played live once. They are not allowed to play live according to the Cuban government. They are not even allowed to exist because of their lyrics. Gorki writes all the lyrics and music, he is also the front man in Porno Para Ricardo. All his life he has dreamt of playing rock music. For several years he and the other members sacrificed all their lives to able to save money for
nstruments and studio equipment. Eating just to survive and staying home when their friends went out. They bought things bit by bit and everything is bought on the black market. If the police one day would enter their rehearsing studio they would confiscate everything. Gorki writes songs about the political situation in Cuba, songs about Fidel Castro and all this with a very negative tone. The neighbours have agreed to let them rehearse once a week. So between 11 am and 2 pm every Saturday illegal Cuban rock is created in a small apartment in one of Havana’s finest areas.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Parlez-vous Français?

Cuba: forbidden from the stages and threatened with prison, this rocker denounces the regime and the obstinate decision of the dictator to stay in power.
A solitary combat:
Gorki, 38, is the only opposition singer that has not left the island. In spite fidel castro's "absence", the regime does not relax its grip.
Gorki Aguila:
"Open your eyes: here, nobody supports castro"
"There are evil mechanisms that play with the fears of people"

Cuba "is apparently a paradise island where liberty and justice reign" ironizes this nose piercing sporting thirty something year old. "It's the contrary! When a head of State keeps power for eternity that's the first injustice, it violates the rights of millions of people!"
The leader of the band Porno Para Ricardo vilipendiates with pleasure that whom he calls el Coma Andante: "I will never sum myself to the crappy ideology of this country". He sais it in one of his songs over a melody saturated of electric guitars which reminds those of the Sex Pistols.... "I don't want to be the marionette of a blind king, I piss in his soup and whip him..... I don't want your damn future".... This is far from being the ballades of the Buena Vista Social cubla, but the offensive discourse is comedic in the manner of Gorki Aguila who translates what the Cuban youth (who trade his cd's under the table) do not dare to say.
"Open your eyes: here nobody supports castro, he's extremely unpopular. But there are vil mechanisms that play with the fears of people. For example, people has to go to those so called "marchas del pueblo combatiente" or "meetings de repudio", those demostrations in which somebody is harassed for hours, just because they want to avoid having problems..."
At the time of its inception in 1998 Porno para Ricardo didn't sing of politics right away. But by the Black Spring of 2003, when castro took advantage of the fact that the whole world media was focalized on the Iraq war to send "discreetly" to prison about 90 intellectuals, Gorki received a letter prompting him to change the name of the band and some of its lyrics. He send them packing. A few days later he was thrown in a high security prison, after a provocation in the yearly rock festival of Pinar del Rio. A female "fan" said that he had sold her an amphetamine pill, so without any tangible proof he was declared to be an "antisocial rocker" and thrown in jail for four years.
He was subject to a regime of semi-isolation, he shared with another prisoner a cell that was about 8 by 5 feet, without water and with very poor nutrition. He was allowed to see his family once every three months, and there was a horrid smell of blood and lard coming from the kitchen, so heavy that "one could not get to sleep".
Freed on probation by 2005, he has suffered some "spontaneous" reprisals indeed organized by the government.
The mobs screamed that he was a "delinquent, an antisocial".
After that, all the stages are declared off limits for him and the band.
Porno Para Ricardo does not even has the right to rehearse in a bedroom with egg-crate cladded walls in the small apartment Gorki shares with his father. He and his three musicians are forced to cut their records in underground studios.
"We have thought, naturally, of leaving the island", says the singer. "the air here is unbreathable, you cannot express yourself, one has to struggle every single day to find fot to eat or to transport yourself from one place to the next, we don't know till when we will be able to resist, but we do not want to leave Cuba".
Thus after being summoned to a police station on July 28 (2007) the Cuban rocker seriously fear for his freedom.
By Antoine Mira for the French magazine VSD (200 000 copies)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How free is free?

Hi, these are good news....
Porno Para Ricardo has been contacted by the Nobel Peace Center to be featured in the exhibition "How free is free?" about censorship, repression, and abuse of human rights of creators and intellectuals around the globe.
We are glad that the world is recognizing that in Cuba, a talent is either a slave of the tyranny propaganda machine, or it's free but grossly and dramatically endangered precisely for keeping its own independence from the regime. Gorki's voice is resonating worldwide thanks to your help, and we use the opportunity to transmit his message of gratitude to all the people who support the band.
The Nobel Peace Center has selected the song "Manuel" by Porno Para Ricardo as part of their exhibition, and they will have an audiovisual specially designed for the event running in a continuous loop.
We certainly will keep you posted with more developments about the exhibition, the upcoming album, interviews, and much more.

Cuba Underground
The Black Sheep of Exile

For more information please write to

Hola, les tenemos buenas noticias.....
Porno Para RIcardo fue contactado por El Centro Nobel por la Paz para incluirlos en la exposicion "How free is free?" que tratara acerca de la censura, la represion, y el abuso a los derechos humanos de creadores e intelectuales en todo el mundo.
Nos complace saber que el mundo esta reconociendo que en Cuba un talento o esta esclavizado al servicio de maquinaria propagandistica de la tirania o es totalmente libre pero esta en tragicamente en peligro precisamente por ser independiente del regimen. La voz de Gorki esta resonando en alrededor del planeta gracias a tu ayuda, y queremos usar la oportunidad para transmitir su mensaje de gratitud a todos ustedes que apoyan a la banda.
El Centro Nobel Por la Paz ha seleccionado la cancion "Manuel" de Porno Para Ricardo como parte de la exposicion y tendran un material audiovisual especialmente diseñado para este evento en constante iteracion.
Los mantendremos informados de todo lo relativo a la exposicion, el nuevo album, entrevistas y mucho mas.

Cuba Underground
The Black Sheep of Exile

Para mas informacion escribe a

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Headbanging to the Beatles....

A friend of mine who knows that I am an unrepentant rocker, and that I have always dreamt of doing some covers of the Beatles in a more grinding language, just gave me this record. What can I tell you.... it's an amazing homage to the Liverpool four. Yes, Butchering the Beatles is that kind of record.
Just read the names of the musicians involved in this adventure and you will run to buy it, wherever they sell it.
The same friend had another thing in store for me....
The Abbey Road Companion.... what the hell's that?
The Beatles outtakes in the raw as recorded during the making of that great album... This one is a bootleg made in Germany, and it gives you an incredible insight into the creative process of the band and on what went on in the studio when the lads were there letting the creative juices flow freely.
This is the artwork for the Abbey Road Companion:

Monday, September 17, 2007

And what's needed to finish the last record of Porno Para Ricardo?

After Matt and Songuacassal sent hot dogs (hard drives) what's needed to finish the recording phase of the new album to come is a sound card....
These are the sound card specs
Big thanks to the person who donates it. And a free copy new album!

Luego que Matt y Songuacassal enviaron "perros calientes (hard drives) lo que se necesita para finalizar la fase de grabacion del nuevo album de la banda es una tarjeta de sonido....
Estas son las especificaciones de la tarjeta de sonido
Muchas gracias a la persona que la done. Y recibira tambien una copia gratis del nuevo album!

Drop an e-mail to for details.
Escriba a para detalles de envio, etc.

Julio Rey covers Porno Para Ricardo

Julio Rey releases the first of his covers of Gorki's tune....
You do not want to miss it!
I will be sending them to Gorki as soon as I can!
Thanks Julio!

I love that Gorki was depicted in the cover art as a black sheep.... for obvious reasons, of course!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

La chivichana

Maybe you don't know what the hell is that.
But you will, whenever you finish reading.
I was born an raised in the hilliest neighbourhood of them all, La Vibora, in Havana.
When life gives you paved streets going down hill, well, you make chivichanas.
Those are wooden speed-devils with skate wheels or -my favourite- ball bearings doing the work of wheels. They could be as rustic as they were, or a bit more polished.
I remember when I was about seven, one of my grandfathers step in to help me build one.
I had an odd pair of skates, one was American and the other one was Chinese, and I wanted to chop'em off to have the wheels from my chivichana.
My grandfather came up home with a burlap sack and drop four 6" diameter ball bearings on the living room floor and said: "keep the skates, they are fun too".
So we went to see my other grandfather who dabbed in carpentry after his forced retirement. We picked up four big chucks of old wood, very solid, to this day I have no idea what kind of wood was it. My two grandfathers produced a sketch and hack-sawed the wood, and the three of us got to work. They asked me: well, your brother's younger.... what are you going to do, he will ask for a chance to ride this thing...."
And I said: "can I carry him in the back, seating behind me?"
One of my grandfathers said: "I think I have something for you in the shop -he had a custom motorcycle shop in the good old days- and something else for your brother, we will go there afterwards".
They asked: "and how will you brake when you're going down hill?"
"with my foot".
They laughed.
"with your foot? Do you think these commies sell shoes for kids? your mother's gonna kill us"
So I went: "maybe like in your car?"
"Yeah -he said- but you have to tell me how to make it"
We started taking and I saw a hinge and I said: "we can do something with the hinge, just like the brake of your car, grandpa"
The two old men starting drawing some frame that will help me brake in the tall hills of La Vibora, and then one of them said: "but you need something to bring this brake up again, or you will have to press on the other side so you can return it to the up position, unless you use a...."
"Spring!" I said completing the sentence....
We left one of them building the wood frame and installing the wheels, and we went to see what we had at my other grandpa's old shop.... It was in the lower level of his house, that was built on stilts, and a yard full of chicken and an illegal cow sloped back into the neighbors properties, more or less 70 yards afar. This in the middle of a city....
He pulled out a wooden box, and got a crow bar and broke it open. It was a seat of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Repeated with another box, and he showed me the seat of an Indian motorcycle, complete with fringes. He said, "one for you and one for your brother" and look, inside that shed there's something else for you when you become older.... (which happened to be a full blast rock and roll motorcycle)
We went back my other grandfather's house who was drinking a beer in his shop. He got one from the fridge and gave it to my other grandfather. Of course, they gave a sip each. What do you think they were? Wimps?
They put themselves to work while I went to tell my grandma that the two of them wanted coffee. And I got a sip of coffee too. With rum and honey, courtesy of my grandma. In this country they would have gone to jail for that, but hey, that didn't do me any harm.
The thing, la chivichana was finished. Yeah, The Thing, they baptized it as La Cosa.
We needed a string to be able to drive it, but the two flashy old men settled for a chromed chain, they said design was everything. I realized now that they didn't built them for their grandkids, they build them for themselves....
Out to try it.
We picked up my brother, drop one grandfather down at the base of the hill, and we went to the top of the hill, the two kids seated on La Cosa, and down the hill we went at break neck speed. Again, today you would have the Social Services jailing the two old men for child abuse, dangerous games, playing with the kids on the street, and so on and so for.
Let me tell you, in Cuba we used to play pick up ball games cuatro esquinas, and you played with traffic, people crossing the street, and so on and so for. Con bate o a la mano.
The same goes for stick ball.
Do I have to tell you that I don't know how many windows I broke and how fast I ran to escape the ire of the neighbors?
La Cosa ended in the hands of other kids in the neighbourhood, after three of four years of faithful service, during which we would park it under my father's car in the garage. So the poor man had to pull it out every single day before going out.
How was that La Cosa changed owners?
Well.... One fateful day, the women of the neighbourhood that the bad idea of running to my house screaming to my mother that we were having a great time leading the buses in a mad chase down hill. We were with other kids literally waiting for a bus to come and cutting in front of the bus with chivichanas and having el cabron guaguero screaming at us all the way down, and even getting off the bus to chase us.
Needless to say that my mother belted us really well (more child abuse!) and that La Cosa was headed for destruction. But..... Two brothers, los negritos mas flacos del barrio, came and told my Mom: "you will not do that.... we don't have toys!!!!!" Damn kids, masters of manipulation.... my Mom gave it to them.
And secretly, my brother and I kept on going down hill all around la Vibora till I entered high school and my interests switched to girls and electric guitars.... Ah, my Mom DIDN'T know us riding la Cosa again. Till NOW.
Thanks to Los Chaviano (esos dos negritos) for coming up with such a freaking brilliant plan!
(you see, I told you a story without cemeteries or rock'n'roll!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Led Zeppelin flies high, again.

This upcoming November will bring the long awaited reunion of Led Zeppelin, which disbanded in 1980 after te death of thier legendary drummer, John Bonham. As expected, Jason Bonham is taking his father drums by storm and will fill his seat during the gig with original members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones.

The original bandmates apparently have found a great drummer in the son of the legend, because they had said many times that Zep died with Bonham..... nonetheless, Jason can fill the void left behind by his father, and the band seem to trust him for the job.

A new collection of remastered themes gets released as a two-disc best-of collection titled "Mothership" by Nov. 12, as well as a Nov. 19 re-release of 'The Song Remains the Same' on CD and DVD. No word on whether new material is going to be released for the ocassion.

The concert will be held on November 26th at London's O2 Arena, and a huge crowd is expected.
The concert will honor the late Ahmet Ertegun, who signed them for Atlantic in 1968. Other musicians will also appear on the set.

I hope it coincides with the announcement of castro's dead, just for the sake of the Cuban Zep fans.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The iPod Classic

The iPod Classic is here....
Follow the links to the other models, like the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano and enjoy these marvels of technology......
My friend Songuacassal had a comment the other day, and Apple decided not to make him wait till Christmas!
Let's see if they take our advise and release the Beatles collection on the day of the death of the monster who wanted to silence them in Cuba....


CB: hey, Gorki ¿como va todo?
G: Ahi, bien, ya sabes todo lo bien que se puede estar por aqui....

CB: Me dijeron que los van a invitar a tocar en un velorio....
G: (risas) Ah, el velorio! El dia que al final anuncien el velorio la gente ya ni se va a alegrar, tan acostumbrados que estan a no verlo! Pero bueno, hey, que me inviten a tocar!

CB: ¿Y como va el disco?
G: Bien, estamos trabajando en los temas.... ya tenemos varios mas que vamos a incluir, en un rato llega Ciro y vamos a poner un poco de musica a algunos textos y vamos a ensayar un poco, a ver que sale....

CB: Julio Rey esta trabajando en el cover de tu cancion, el bonus track al final de la politica, ya tiene la musica, con un buen beat punk y me ha dicho que esta complacido como le han quedado las guitarras, esta trabajando en la voz....
G: Ah, esa cancion tiene su historia, sabes, es una parodia.....

CB: Una parodia? De que cancion?
G: de una cancion de esas del Grupo Ismaelillo, para que que los niños le canten a su "padre" fidel....

CB: ya, vaya pa'l carajo....
G: Si, y Ciro, que es un jodedor, siempre cantaba la cancion en G (el parque de G y 23) hasta que un dia comenzo a poner antonimos en todos los versos, y pues ahi la hicimos.... es lo que oyes al final de ese disco, la cancion escondida y sin titulo.

CB: ya veo, entonces Julio hace una version punk en ingles de una parodia que ustedes hacen...
G: Estoy loco por oirla.... y Ciro tambien, que ya esta al llegar a trabajar en los temas del disco nuevo.

CB: Me dijiste que tienes cinco temas listos.....
G: Si, tengo unos cuantos mas en veremos, entre ellos una letra con un estribillo que dice "un, dos, tres, cuatro, comiendo mierda y rompiendo zapato" a ver como le encaramo una musica que le pegue bien. Me gustaria incluirla en este disco....

CB: Ya veo!
G: Mi mama decia eso....

CB: Me dices algo mas del concepto del disco....
G: Si, esta vez es puramente de canciones.... y el diseño de la portada sera tambien un poco mas elaborado.

CB: Ahi te tengo unos discos para mandarte.....
G: ¿Conoces un piquete que se llama The Hives? me encantan....

CB: A ver si te mando algo de ellos....
G: Gracias! Esa es una buenisma banda con una onda algo retro....

CB: Haran algo con un sonido en esa onda en el nuevo disco.
G: No se, tambien me encanta el sonido de Ramones, a lo mejor, quien sabe, son muchas las influencias.

CB: Por cierto, me gusto muchisimo tu video de la Libertad. Lo abstracto de las graficas va muy bien con la cancion.
G: Si, hacia tiempo queria hacer algo con una animacion abstracta, esquematica, que representara la opresion absoluta que hay en este pais, el dogmatismo de la tirania.... Lo hice con un socio que es buenisimo en eso de animacion, pero como sabes, con poco tiempo etc. Quedo bien.....

CB: Ok, ya pongo a todo el mundo al tanto de lo ultimo de Porno Para Ricardo.... Ya debe estar al llegar Ciro y ustedes tienen que trabajar.
G: Gracias, eso me cuadra muchisimo.... Si, ya debe estar al tocar la puerta.... este fin de semana tenemos mucho que hacer.

CB: Acuerdate de avisarme si tocan en el velorio.
G: Claro, coño, eso no se me olvida!

Some trivia....

Do you remember that song that Gorki hid at the end of La Politica, yes that one Julio Rey is covering?

It has a story of child abuse behind it....

Gorki and Ciro decided to do a parody of a song by "el Grupo Ismaelillo", and Ciro started to alter the lyrics with antonyms of the verses.

For those of you who have never lived in Cuba, it's healthy for you to know that there's an industry of songwriting and that a bunch of "creyentes" dedicate themselves to writing children's songs which are odes to Mr. Castro. Tell me if that doesn't constitute child abuse!

Well, that's one of those songs, and Ciro and Gorki decided to rip it off and create the anti-anthem departing from a lube heavy licking that one of those "songwriters" created for the Cuban children to praise fidel.

Their twisting of the song into a rebellious waltz was a great slap in the face of the indoctrinators of the Cuban youth, and now, with Julio Rey's punk version it will reach another level of rebelliousness.

Julio: Gorki and Ciro are anxious to listen to your version!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spider like Go-Fast boat

This thing could bring a boatload to freedom!
Not to talk about this other thing!