Monday, September 24, 2007

1 sin 33, no 64

(republished from KillCastro)

"Caballo sin tiñosas"
"No muerto grande"

Those are the text messages of one of my sources who is obsessed with the Cuban-Chinese charade.
Sometime's he's very cryptic, but in regards to castro's situation, he's proven himself right, once more.
Nobody dies the day before, or the day after, people die when they are supposed to die.

That's why we have pointed out in several ocassions that it doesn't make a difference at this point if castro is dead or alive, it's not a one man problem, it's a system created and designed to have an evil entity in power for an indeterminate amount of time. When people insist in concentrating in the live or death of fidel castro, they are reducing the problem to one man. Therefore, castro's propaganda machine keeps on playing cat and mouse, have people's credibility reduced to zero for their constant "crying wolf" and timely comes with a (made on purpose to look kind of homey and amateurish) video to ridicule the "fidel is dead" bunch. They were fooled, once more. One would think that the lesson was learnt from past false alarms, but apparently it was not. The ones celebrating are the supporters of castro, and the press will once more feed on the frustrated "revelers" to be who have no corpse and no party.

The fate of the Cuban people will change very little after the death of castro, as much as the fate of the Russians changed after the death of Stalin. If instead of entangling in exercises of hysterics about the "announced death of the tyrant" and having a stomach deep reaction when he is shown on TV, people were to worry about what to do to destroy his chain of fear and help the Cuban people liberate themselves the results would be much better.

Keep on being visceral as opposed to cerebral if what you want is another defeat in this game.

Keep on believing that your desires are true, and that there's no "worse case scenario" approach to be taken and you will be unprepared for what is in store for both the Cuban people and the exiles, which is more of the same but more diabolically engineered.

Keep on being so desperate to celebrate castro's death without understanding what comes with it as a side dish, and you will be taken for a ride, courtesy of the regime.

Our lives cannot revolve around fidel castro. There are 12 million people in Cuba who will need to face a future without fidel castro at some point. Their avenir is uncertain, because under the rule of Raul junta's there will be very few changes, among them a leaner meaner repressive machine above everything else. They will maybe given some "reforms" which I like to call tranquilizers if that much. As long as we are concentrated in the talking carcass of castro we will not be able to deal with what comes after he makes his final exit, because we won't see it coming until it's too late.

To both writers of this blog it doesn't come as a surprise that castro is alive. We have know it all along, according to the reports of our sources. The physical status of the tyrant corresponds to that of a person who suffered a septisemia: he survived but he is not in good conditions. Survival rate for septisemia is more than fifty percent, so nothing surprising here. He's been in coma -induced and natural, and his speech is still slurred and his themes of conversations are vague and errant. So he's not in great shape. He actually looked much worse than the Cuban government officials have been saying. What was shown on video was a pathetic cartoonish shadow of the castro that used to be, and if instead of lamenting that he is still alive we were planning what to do to disrupt the successor regime we would be doing much better.

My world is not shaken for the non-death of fidel castro, it cannot disrupt or deviate us from our final objective that is the destruction of the tyranical system that keeps its boot on the throat of the Cuban people. Still today, many people are convinced that with castro gone, all the problems of Cuba will be gone too. Not that fast, that regime was designed to make people believe that one man was the regime, that one man was the "leader" or the "devil" depending on what side of the fence were you, hiding at the same time the fact that it was an evilish system whose survival was proven before: Soviet Style Communism.

Actually, they are showing you a ridiculous old man in video, who is not able to maintain a normal conversation, and who looks like a character of Tales from the Crypt. Read between the lines, they are telling you that he won't come back, and that the decostruction of the myth is going on as planned. Also, look past his ghostly figure and wonder why they are trying to distract us, and from what, trying to get us stuck in useless speculations on the live or death on an irrelevant political corpse. That's the communist equivalent of a supermarket tabloid, but truly sinister.

Oh well, go ahead and throw those "vacuum cleaner sketches" away, because those were false "news" fed to the ones willing and wanting to believe them by the operatives of the propaganda and intelligence machines in Havana, Miami, and in Saint Elsewhere.