Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sugar cane.
Those four elements have been always part of the history of Cuba. Ok, part of the history of Cuba who many would never want to know. Castro comes from that too, even though his father was a minor player. He then stole the whole country -sugar, rum, and cattle incuded- out of resentment.
The Fanjuls, the Bacardis, they all come from the Cuban sugar families....
The independence of Cuba had to do with sugar cane, rum, money, and blood. And also, the slavery of Cuba at the hands of Castro.
Rum is to the Duques of Cane what oil was to the Ewings of Dallas.
The phrase "I am not a criminal, I am a businessman" will be heard over and over from today on....

A few more considerations, in case we lose the comments:
Actually, it's fiction.
And yes, there are Cuban criminals too, we don't have only God-fearing and hard-working patriotic individuals, we also have hardened criminals, who are not in the business of goodness.... (like that landowners dynasty, the Castros, for example)
It's a show for Christ sakes, it's not an official story of a given Cuban family. (if they fry the Fanjuls or some of the others who first helped get castro into power and then fled, I don't care. The Fanjuls happen to be friends with Bill Clinton, and they did nothing to stop him from sending Elian to Cuba, or not to come up with the dry foot wet foot, so much friendship with Clinton for defending the Cuban interests)
Money, at least in the sugar business, came many times drenched in blood. From slavery and down.
I think that the show's telling us that Cubans are as part as the American mainstream (and of the American stew) as much as Jews and Italians are, not to mention Anglos. The Duques are to Florida -in the show- what the Ewings (of Dallas) were to Texas. Ethanol, sugar and rum are the new oil.
Believe me, what we don't need is to get all nervous and shaky for a fiction show.
There's a difference between fiction and reality. Just like your average American doesn't think that all Italians are molded according to the DNA map of Al Capone or Tony Soprano, or all Jews are little Meyer Lanskys or all Irish Americans are drunkards like Ted Kennedy, or all the blacks are gangsta rappers, they do not think that all Cubans are wealthy landowners with a penchant for offing people who cross their paths.
Let's take it for what it is, entertainment. After all, we've seen only one episode. It could become better with time, or worse, but only time will tell.
As per people complaining that the characters don't look Cuban.... what the hell a Cuban looks like???? Both KillCastro and I have been told that
a- "you don't speak like a Cuban"
b- "you don't look Cuban"
Cubans come in all shapes and shades... And they speak very differently from one another too.
Do I think that there are Cubans like these?
Do I think that the majority of Cubans are like this family?
Do I think that the show has to be about a non-eventful pristine and clean Cuban family?
Do I think that the show has to necessarily be about wealthy landowners?
Not exclusively, but still, we have only seen a first episode and we don't know what the writer of the show has in store (or at least, I don't know)
I don't care that the actors are not Cuban...
Which leads me to wonder where the hell were the agents for the Cuban actors that were not out there trying to get them these gigs.....
And another thing....
How's that the bomb by Andy Garcia -The Lost City- was to be revered, and this show is to be hated?
Amazing, isn't it?