Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Headbanging to the Beatles....

A friend of mine who knows that I am an unrepentant rocker, and that I have always dreamt of doing some covers of the Beatles in a more grinding language, just gave me this record. What can I tell you.... it's an amazing homage to the Liverpool four. Yes, Butchering the Beatles is that kind of record.
Just read the names of the musicians involved in this adventure and you will run to buy it, wherever they sell it.
The same friend had another thing in store for me....
The Abbey Road Companion.... what the hell's that?
The Beatles outtakes in the raw as recorded during the making of that great album... This one is a bootleg made in Germany, and it gives you an incredible insight into the creative process of the band and on what went on in the studio when the lads were there letting the creative juices flow freely.
This is the artwork for the Abbey Road Companion: