Sunday, September 30, 2007

Is she a member of the Euro Parliament?

Last time I checked, Ileana Ros Lehtinen was a member of the U.S. Congress and had nothing to do with the European Parliament.
Our friend and reader Roland M. sends us the following article, wondering how Ms. Ros-Lehtinen HAS NOT called the US Government to condemn the recent crack down in Cuba while she's instead calling the European governments to do so. Kind of a bit off her homebase, and way out her jurisdiction I would say....

Let's analyze that article bit by bit....

Ros-Lehtinen Urges Europe to Denounce Arrests in Cuba

(WASHINGTON) - European governments should denounce the Castro regime's latest roundup of dissidents, just as they have criticized the crackdown of democracy advocates in Burma this week, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen suggested today in a letter to European Union officials.
(no word on whether she wrote a similar letter to President Bush touching upon the same issue, or condemning the dry-foot wet foot, or the unfair treatment of Cuban refugees in Guantanamo base, though, or the manipulations of lawyers and judges in Miami to offer yet another child in sacrifice to the dying tyrant next door)

As many as 200 Cuban dissidents have disappeared and others were arrested by security forces at a Thursday protest at the Justice Ministry seeking better living conditions for the hundreds of prisoners of conscience still jailed by the regime.
(In reality, Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, the Cuban people at large is a hostage of the Cuban government, and there is no clamor in the US Government about that, just tired rhetorics. Still, the dry-foot wet-foot illegal regulation is used to push Cubans back towards the same regime they flee and all we hear from the Cuban-American politicos in the Hill is silence about this issue)

Ros-Lehtinen, Ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affair Committee, urged the European Union "to hear the cries of the Cuban nation" and called upon EU member states to denounce the round-up, demand the regime immediately account for the whereabouts of dissidents, and release them along with all prisoners of conscience.
(There's no similar demand made to the tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a short mile away from her office, those cries are heard very clearly here in the United States, and not much is done to punish the ones who inflict so much pain on the Cuban people)

Thursday's crackdown "serves as yet another confirmation of the brutal nature of Raul Castro and the dictatorship as a whole, which has entrenched itself in Cuba and refuses to release its hold on power and allow the Cuban people to decide their destiny in free, fair, multiparty, democratic elections," Ros-Lehtinen wrote in the letter to Dr. Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission; Dr. Javier Solana, EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy and Secretary General of the European Council; and Mrs. Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Commisioner for External Relations of the European Commission.
(again, why was not a similar letter delivered by hand to the President of the USA by the Cuban politicos in the Hill? Do they think that it's an effort not worth of their while? or do they know that they cannot awake W from his sopor on everything Cuban?)

"We have seen in recent weeks the demonstrations in Burma and the international support the Burmese monks and other pro-democracy activists there have received. The Cuban people deserve no less. We ask that the European Union demonstrate this same solidarity and support for those that struggle to bring freedom and democracy to Cuba," Ros-Lehtinen added.
(Good, but shouldn't we start asking for the same solidarity from places near home, namely the White House? Why is the US government let "free" of a similar petition? All her concerns are valid, but what is not understandable is that there's no action closer to the homebase here in the US... Or is it that they know that the President has no interest in helping the liberation of Cuba and that everything has been traded by that so called (raulian) stability? As a side note, the recent abuses are nothing but an apperitif of what's coming under the raulian regime and what will be delivered by his praetorian guard)

Interestingly enough, she doesn't mention that the crackdown was masked behind the massacres in Burma, as well as Castro used the visit of the Pope to Cuba to help Clinton to mask the Lewinsky affair and used that affair to divert the attention to the visit of the Pope to Cuba. Castro also used the Iraq war as a smoke curtain to hide the arrest of seventy five dissidents during the Black Spring, and coincidentally, Raul hid his abuses and arrests of about 200 dissidents behind the crimes of the Burmese tyranny, while Felipe Perez Roque spoke in support of Burma and compared the world condemnation of those brutalities to the "atttacks on Cuba's sovereingnty". Can they notice that there's a pattern?

Again, the call should have been made first to the President of the United States and then to the European Union and the world at large. Her own party and government have failed miserably in everything related to Cuba, and there's no justification to give the White House a free pass on this matter and throw the hot potato only in Europeans hands. Besides, her fellow politicos are totally silent about this.... which tells you a good deal about their character.