Monday, September 24, 2007

Money, lies, and videotapes....

Is that a hole in his throat?
UPDATE: two medical doctors have called to tell us that the "hole" doesn't look like a tracheostomy surgical scar, but one of them doesn't believe that such a scar would be left uncover without make-up for all to see. The other doctor tends to believe that there are no signs of a thracheostomy. It could be a shadow, according to him. The other one thinks that the so called shadow is a bit deep, and that some make up was applied on the depressed skin in Castro's neck. In his opinion, there are no signs of his multiple warts and skin marks in that area, either....

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Well, well, well….
The net is rife in speculations about these past Friday video show….
And again, the propaganda machine of the Cuban regime puts out another diversionist bit of film.
Now, their objective was clear: to serve fidel castro as the Messiah of the revolution, as the symbol of the revolution, its core and personification, selling the notion that fidel castro is the revolution and that the revolution is fidel castro.
Why would they do that, when they are always saying that the revolution will outlast fidel castro?
There are two answers, the short and the long….
The short answer: to make people believe that with fidel castro buried, the system will be buried.
The long answer: to make people believe that they are actually different from fidel castro, and that they will bring –on their own old communist party ways- changes to Cuba, and that they count with the support of the Cuban people to undertake the task to change Cuba for the better, always under the leadership of the party and with another perceptual slant to it, since hey, castro is gone and they are now out of the sudden very different.

The first answer doesn’t need or merits an analysis because it’s directed to both the credulous MSM and the naïve people of the left, and the even more naïve people who actually think that castro the man is the revolution. The only thing we can say about it is that if castro was the revolution and the revolution was castro, then we don’t deserve a free Cuba since we could not defeat a lonely man for 50 years, and we are subscribing to the notion that a whole population followed voluntarily the whims of a single man. A man of those powers can only be a god or a demon, but we are not dealing with theology, we are dealing with politics.

The second answer…. Let’s analyze it a bit;
1- Any changes which come from a communist party honcho are designed in advance to maintain the system under a disguise, this is the classical and proverbial pack of wolves posing as sheep to trick the international community, the Cubans, the exiles, the press, and to gain even more international accomplices in their task of keeping themselves in power.
2- The communist system was designed since the beginning to have an indeterminate presence and permanence in time, like the fascism system in its German variance with the famous 1000 years of the Reich. The Soviet system outlasted its creators and even today it is alive through Putin. The system was not destroyed. The system was changed to make it appear as if it had been destroyed, but it’s the same under a disguise, which allows it to operate in a more effective way without the burdens. Fascism didn’t survive Mussolini or Hitler, but not only because they were physically eliminated, in addition the whole system was dismantled and destroyed, its structures were demolished to dust, and all the ruling class for that model was caught and punished.
3- At this point, the communists in Cuba are following the book step by step, to save the system and themselves. The talking carcass of castro is just half an expiatory goat, half a symbol of the revolution. Now they will make people believe that all that was bad came straight from castro’s mind, and that they were unwillingly followers, so they now deserve a change of ruling the country as they had always intended. This is telling us that the system is functional, and that they are following all they have in the books for the succession and maintenance of the system.
4- The Cuban people don’t know the first thing about survival in the real world, they have lived under a suffocating paternalistic society, under a choking tyranny for half a century, so those “reformers” are taking advantage of that ignorance and they do plan to keep them like that. They are probably going to try to install a sui generis version of capitalism to work ONLY on their advantage and behalf while swindling the Cuban people as always. Do you know that the biggest concentration of billionaires by square mile of cityscape live in Moscow now?
Don’t you think that they want the biggest concentration of billionaires –themselves- of the Caribbean to live in Havana? That’s why they have to screw the Cuban people….
5- To screw the Cuban people and to produce money, they need money. Where’s that money going to come from? Easy, from the exiles. How will they swindle the exiles into believing that Cuba is free for them to come and invest? Even easier…. Just by telling them that the revolution is gone because fidel is gone! And believe me you, there are so much people whose hate for fidel castro surpasses their love for Cuba who will swallow the bait, the sinker, the line, and even the fishing pole. It’s our moral duty to unmask the under the surface machinations of the Cuban honchos because they are trying to get the Cuban people even more divided and more scared so they can make money and continue with a leaner variation of the system, much a la Putin.
6- Go to our archives and look for all the instances on which we have talk about Communism Succession 101. They need to establish a myth first, then they need to deconstruct the myth, and then they need to establish a new myth. The relief of castro in the revolution square of Camagüey over which raul spoke is the official first step in telling everybody that castro is not coming back. That he is just a symbolic figure in the Caribbean variance of the Officially Approved Communist Liturgy.
7- To destroy the system the first thing we need to know is that its symbols are just such, superficial representations of images. They mean not much, in practical terms. Thus the irrelevance of fidel castro as a political figure since he abdicated power in favor of raul. He is just a symbol. The symbol is sold as the real McCoy, to have the population believe that once fidel is gone, the revolution will be gone too, but keeping the old apparatchiks in all positions of the new power. The system has to be destroyed and uprooted totally. The life and/or death of fidel castro means absolutely nothing in the big scheme of things.

Let’s not allow the policy makers from Havana to confuse the Cuban people or to confuse us. They want to keep the fidelismo sin fidel, and they want to keep all the basis of the system intact to keep their personal power without taking into account the will of the Cuban people. Oh, Cuban people means the Cubans of the Island and the Cubans of the Diaspora as well.