Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nuclear teleprompter....

I liked the way W shoo'd off the commies with his mention of a "cruel dictator".
I loved the way Perro Roque threw his earpiece, and that all the empty suits from the Cuban delegation followed him down the aisle.
But now I am wondering if the words "cruel dictator" were also phonetically scripted for W in order to try to avoid yet another embarrassment. Did they teleprompt him "krewl dik-tay-ter"?
The phonetically enhanced version of his speech, complete with the cellphone numbers and side scribblings for his speech writers was posted briefly in the UN website. It was fed in advance to the simultaneous translators at the UN, and then teleprompted to his podiums monitor.....

If you want to talk like W, this is lesson one, righ here:

Kyrgyzstan [KEYR-geez-stan]
Mauritania [moor-EH-tain-ee-a]
Harare [hah-RAR-ray]
Mugabe [moo-GAH-bee]
Sarkozy [sar-KO-zee]
Caracas [kah-RAH-kus]

C'mon, this is becoming a little bit too much already.... more important that the possible presidential gaffes, is the fact that some dodo head at the White House would actually give the UN a draft of a document preggers with scribblings and private phone numbers of presidential spin doctors.