Friday, September 28, 2007

The situation in Havana

Different bloggers with a wide net of sources have been reporting on the arrest of a gaggle of dissidents down in Havana, and elsewhere in Cuba.
The figures go from 5 to more than 200, and some reports seem to have more accuracy than others.
Our sources, fortunately, are all of them accounted for.
That's the advantage of working with low key, common-man, common-woman, Cubans-walking-on-the-street.
The report we have is that the State Security (DGSE, G2, DGI, and other morphs) conducted a wide-net casting operation, with tons of chivatos and informers, who had the dissidents identified time in advance and had detailed their movements and communications.
So, keep of thinking that Raul is a reformer. Keep on thinking that the Release 2.0 of the tyranny is an easier game.
People seem to have forgotten that che guevara was appointed chief executioner by kasstro after raul proved to be so bloodthirsty that his own tyrant brother was scared of his handywork.
To us, the writers of this blog, the whole repressive wave was expected.
It reads exactly like the "non-government" purges in Soviet Russia. The KGB went after everyone whose opinion was not in 100% accordance with the regime. Both the people who were in total disagreement and also the overzealous commies whose rate of approval for government actions was 110%. They were also deemed suspicious, and sumarily whacked off.
Sadly, the dissident movement in Cuba has been penetrated by the political police.
Even more sadly, they are virtual unknowns within the country.
Dramatically enough, the dissident movement is fragmented and without a visible head. Mistrust, divisions, all have been planted in their ranks by the State Security.
The raulista junta -or at least its top military branch- is not going to let go easily or without a fight.
They are telling us that they don't give a shit about fidel castro being dead or alive, they are the ones in power, and apparently, the seventy five dissidents who were bagged during the Black Spring are very few while compared with this Autumn of Hell that is befalling unto them. Actually, let's use the Americanism Fall of Hell instead of Autumn of Hell, I mean, this whole thing will end up by being the Fall of Hell for the tyranny. When? I have no idea.
As they say in Cuba, no hay mal que dure cien años, ni cuerpo que lo resista....