Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some trivia....

Do you remember that song that Gorki hid at the end of La Politica, yes that one Julio Rey is covering?

It has a story of child abuse behind it....

Gorki and Ciro decided to do a parody of a song by "el Grupo Ismaelillo", and Ciro started to alter the lyrics with antonyms of the verses.

For those of you who have never lived in Cuba, it's healthy for you to know that there's an industry of songwriting and that a bunch of "creyentes" dedicate themselves to writing children's songs which are odes to Mr. Castro. Tell me if that doesn't constitute child abuse!

Well, that's one of those songs, and Ciro and Gorki decided to rip it off and create the anti-anthem departing from a lube heavy licking that one of those "songwriters" created for the Cuban children to praise fidel.

Their twisting of the song into a rebellious waltz was a great slap in the face of the indoctrinators of the Cuban youth, and now, with Julio Rey's punk version it will reach another level of rebelliousness.

Julio: Gorki and Ciro are anxious to listen to your version!