Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trova Electrica

Trova Electrica.
We present this audiovisual as a co-production of Porno Para Ricardo, Johannes Frandsen, Cuba Underground, and The Black Sheep of Exile. Enjoy!

Johannes Frandsen says:

Gorki, Renay, Ciro and Luis together form the Cuban rock band Porno Para Ricardo. Since they started playing together in 2001 they have only played live once. They are not allowed to play live according to the Cuban government. They are not even allowed to exist because of their lyrics. Gorki writes all the lyrics and music, he is also the front man in Porno Para Ricardo. All his life he has dreamt of playing rock music. For several years he and the other members sacrificed all their lives to able to save money for
nstruments and studio equipment. Eating just to survive and staying home when their friends went out. They bought things bit by bit and everything is bought on the black market. If the police one day would enter their rehearsing studio they would confiscate everything. Gorki writes songs about the political situation in Cuba, songs about Fidel Castro and all this with a very negative tone. The neighbours have agreed to let them rehearse once a week. So between 11 am and 2 pm every Saturday illegal Cuban rock is created in a small apartment in one of Havana’s finest areas.