Sunday, September 30, 2007

Viva España!

At this point, when there are renewed attacks against "Spain", we will defend Spain and the Spaniards again.
With even more zeal than we did before, because.... seeing and perceiving that pathetic commie of Zapatero and his cohorts as "Spain and the Spaniards" is certainly much akin of seeing and perceiving the undead Castro as "Cuba and the Cuban people".

If somebody is ready to confuse the Spain of my ancestry and my culture with a stinky Mr. Bean look-alike lefty, then that very same person cannot be offended when somebody misidentify the Cuba of my birth with Fidel Castro and the fidelistas, because it's the same thing. Or not? So blaming Spain as a whole -country and culture- for the crimes of some Spaniards, and make people believe that Spain is the cave of Satan is the SAME than blaming Cuba for the castros, che and their revolution and making all Cubans responsible for their crimes.

Of course, you cannot ask the elm tree for pears, to freely translate the old Spanish adage.
When a mind cannot formulate a rational thought about it, when a mind cannot tell the difference between politicians and tyrants in bed and the populations they misrepresents, you cannot ask much more from them; blood from turnips? pears from elms?

Will these guys realize, for once, that the Black Legend of Spain is being translated today into the Black Legend of Cubans by that master xenophobe of Fred Thompson? Oh, no, that brute filled his piehole with a pastelito and drank a cafecito, so he's gotta be good. Thanks God he didn't wear a guayabera (or is it wah-yah-bay-rah?) because well, they would have said "move over God, Freddo is coming".....

Well, well, well.... I think that with minds wired so differently they will even think that my Spain is the same Spain of Fidel Castro. They probably think that the Spain of our ancestry is the same "Spain" of Valeriano Weyler. So, if that's the case, why get offended when somebody shows another generalization of different sign? I mean, where's the offense when they associate Cuba to the crimes of miscreants like fidel and raul castro, and even worse, to the crimes and cowardice of che(o) huevera?

By the way, the "Spains" of Valeriano Weyler and Fidel Castro are one and the same. And that's the "Spain" of Zapatero, as well. But that's not the Spain of the taxi driver in Madrid saying "ese castro es un hijo de puta mayusculo, que se muera el viejo de los cojones". That's not the Spain of the old portera outside a building who says "ese lindo acento, señor, es el de la Cuba de mi infancia, abajo fidel coño!" . That's not the Spain of the men and women that tell you in any small town of Spain, "ah, mis tios fueron a Cuba, y se sintieron como en casa". That is neither the Spain of the unknown that tells you in a bar, while having coffee in the morning: "estoy listo para venderlo todo y largarme a Cuba cuando esos cabrones estan bajo tierra para ayudaros a hacer un pais nuevo, como mereceis". That's my Spain. Y que viva España!