Friday, October 19, 2007

When you're toying with ideas....

A friend comes and send you a link to his blog with a great song... The Melvins... what a great grinding sound!
Jose from Cubanology has the habit of sending me music from time to time, and he did the same with my lost friend, Tocororo.
Late at night, Tocororo would buzz my phone or e-mail me and said: did you get what I got? And it was -surely enough- one of those files Jose has unearthed from who knows where.
Y'all know well how much I like rock, and how it did shape my life as a young man in Cuba.
That's also why I have a special commitment to help the lads of Porno Para Ricardo.
I am taking note, Jose. I will send them a few recordings by the Melvins....

Also courtesy of Jose, the lyrics to the song:

Freedom or lies
Step from, walk away
You gotta hold your time
You gotta hit it with the right of way
Maybe if you like to fight for any like of what's seen
Either way it's sane
Either way it's gotta mean
Red sister might be chokin'
But I ain't about that kind
It'a a beat with the rythm of a body that was born to lose two times

Hey big body
He said that i'm a true fortune lie
Held my shoulder
Big pointy looks, big broken knives

They might try to hide
They have to answer both dead sense
You might be right I could afford either way in
Poison dandilion forms cross
Big spoke down cross
Stick your head on the line
The flavor might be missin'
He's last to cross that anyway
You can bet he can fiddle with the brothers to the power of another day

Hey big body
He said that I'm a true fortune lie
Held my shoulder
Big pointy looks, big broken knives

Two of them stole my might
One of them stole my time
Didn't you say what you wanted

P.S. Listen closely to the music, I think there's a gem hidden in it.... and let me know what you think!
It's American Woman, by the Guess Who, but played backwards!