Monday, November 26, 2007

comunista chivaton!

Oh well.... Alpidio Alonso, the guy for whom this Porno Para Ricardo song was written, has been tapped by no other than Raul Castro (for whom the band wrote another song very recently) to leave his job as "policia de la cultura" and become a the director of the latest addition to the commie propaganda machine in Cuba...

Alonso would have been hand picked by Raul Castro to be the head editorial honcho of his personal newspaper, which is scheduled to see the light on January. There are rumors that it would be a daily belching of "news" while some of our sources have heard about a "weekly" supply of alternative toilet paper.

In any case, this is a hell of a gig for that rat, and our friends from Porno Para Ricardo will experience more repression (still, if that's possible) as a result. We would like to say that we hold both Alpidio Alonso and Raul Castro responsible for anything that might happen to the members of the band or their families.

So far, no title for the newspaper has transpired yet, but for those of you who do not know who Alpidio Alonso is, I leave you this biographical attempt of a song for you to know more about the guy:

Comunista Chivatón

El singao chivatón Alpidio Alonso
no quiere que los Porno toquen mas
Alpidio Alonso dice que no que no
que el no está en na'
y cuando le dicen
que quieren invitarnos a tocar
Alpidio Alonso
no deja que vayamos a quemar

Alpidio Alonso
no es mas que un comunista chivatón
que se hizo una casa
con el dinero de la asociación
y escribe unos versos
que nadie quiere oirlos porque son
muy malos muy malos
le va mejor el rol de chivatón, chivatón

Es Alpidio el comunista chivatón
Es Alpidio el comunista chivatón
El singao comunista chivatón
si algun dia fue poeta yo ese dia fui escultor
Es Alpidio el comunista chivatón
Es Alpidio el comunista chivatón
El singao comunista chivatón
porque el tipo es comunista y ademas un chivatón

Alpidio Alonso
el jefe al mando de la asociación
el quiere botarnos
y eso es lo mejor que se le ocurrió
no nos hace falta
estar en tu mierdera institución
adios imbecil
que sepas que esta banda es la mejor