Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi Tech books

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, is talking about the Kindle, which is a gadget that will change the way people relate to literature forever.

This new invention will allow you to read anything that was ever printed, in any language, since in future releases of the Kindle a whole library could be stored in one of these devices.

Is Jeff the new Gutenberg?
That's to be seen....

Will I part with my beloved books?
Don't bet on it!

There are all sort of possitive and negative comments about this thing, and also, Newsweek publishes an article on it.
As with anything that introduces a change, or that attemps to bill itself as progress, it has very well defined camps of lovers and detractors. As I say, don't trust those instincts of seeing me throwing my books away, even if this contraption happens to be a great thing.