Monday, November 12, 2007

Mi balsa

Porno Para Ricardo rocks the waves...

Mi balsa.

Mi balsa -my raft- is a song by Porno Para Ricardo about a balsero who dies a solitary death and is eaten alive by the sharks when pursuing his dreams of liberty –broken liberty in his case.

A carpenter builds a defective raft for him, charged a pretty penny for it, therefore he’s betrayed since before his ill-fated voyage starts. The quest for liberty in life ends with the man dying in the high seas, apparently unaware of what would happen to him if he was detected by the forces of the bi-national Coast Guard that patrols the Straits of Death with the intention to keep escaping Cubans inside the Tropical Gulag.

I’ve been exchanging ideas with Gorki on how to do the audiovisual, in terms of graphics and drama. Even though we had some very literal images of an empty raft and two empty boats very generously given to us by Julio Zangroniz, I was not able to obtain any other images from other photographers. At this point, a decision had to be taken, and it was to use some old artwork of disasters at sea, and for me to work on some illustrations to express in images the drama of an unsuccessful flight for liberty.

I would like to one day do another version of this audiovisual with poignant, crude, and terrifying images of empty rafts, people who perished on the trip, people abused by both Coast Guards (even though is very unlikely that I can get any image on the abuses committed by the Cuban Coast Guard) and yes, the most important images, those of the survivors. All images –without copyright issues- are very welcome.

To Julio Zangroniz goes our deepest gratitude for his unflagging support and his very personal commitment to the project, even if (regrettably) his photographs were not used in this version of the audiovisual.