Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Notes to Cynthia Cidre

Re: Last night's Cane episode.

1- It's very difficult or almost impossible that a Cuban would name his horse Benny More.
They are more likely to give a poetic name to the horse, like Lucero, Diamante or something like that. Or maybe Palmiche like the horse of Elpidio Valdes, or maybe they would give the horse a name from a historic horse, like Babieca or Rocinante.
An ironically inclined Cuban would certainly call a donkey Raul and a horse Fidel, but that's it. Being a city boy, I used to have a frog called Vilma for Vilma Espin and a turtle called Dorticós for the "president". My grandfather from Mantilla was another story. He had a cow called Haydee (for Haydee Santamaria) and a skinny yellowish dog called Che, for being so cowardly. Coming from a guy who was almost executed at la Cabaña, that was no compliment to the Argentinean.

2- Coppelia opened its doors to the public on June 4th 1966, offering 26 flavours of ice-cream.
It's located on the corner of 23 and L, catty corner with the Havana Hilton, and across the Street from the Yara movie theatre, old Radio Centro, on the terrains of the old Reina Mercedes Hospital.
Repression against youths and gays going to Coppelia was rampant since day one, but still the public loved the gardens and the avant garde building, whose style I call Neo Taino Tardio, rather ironically.
Given Coppelia's inception date, it's very unlikely that the patriarch and the matriarch of the family went for a date there. They sound more like they came to the USA in 1960 or 1961 than in 1966 or 1967. That or they really aged very badly.

For all things Cuban hire a Cuban who knows.
Don't pull an Andy Garcia on us! He's the one who said (on that stinker the Lost City) that the armed assault to the Presidential Palace occurred in 1958, when the date was March 13th 1957.

Will you entertainment types get it right even once?