Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Straight from La Paja Records....

An exclusive from Porno Para Ricardo, the premiere of their last video!

And there will be more to come, later on during the day.....

The General

Just hung up the phone after speaking with Gorki for a good time… We talked about all the new material that the band has put together… It’s incredible, taking into account the mediaeval conditions on which they work; they have composed and rehearsed ten new songs for the new album that will be hitting the streets at any time now.

They already have eleven songs ready with their video clips for the new dvd that will see the light at an undetermined date next year. The work is going really well, with all the images recorded in high resolution video and now the band is working on the gritty part that is the edition and montage of the clips and the guts and blood of the synchronization between sounds and images, for more or less half of the themes.

They sent us one of those videos to whet your appetite.
It was done by a friend of Gorki, with some old copies of those classics of our generation in Cuba, the Russian cartoons. I am sure you will love it, so enjoy!

And what about the music?

Ah, we have an exclusive for you…. Or three!

The songs are really newsworthy, there’s one dedicated to that alcoholic general who was always behind the pants of his older brother. Y’all know him very well, and I know you know his brother very well too… that bearded guy who’s losing his teeth. Big brother’s tripe exploded one day and when the shit settled down he passed the power baton to this effeminate general… and the guy who was hated by his own ugly mother has settled in power since that day.

One of these days even the pioneros will get tired of watching the damn Russian cartoons and instead of being like che they will be like Gorki and the guys from the band, so the cultural police can earn a living chasing them all around, if you know what I mean.

The song remains the same down in Havana… with some that worship el comandante some that worship el General, and a huge majority who simply take a healthy dump on them both and their thuggish police.

And these were the news!